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Seeking Child Counselor Recommendations

October 11, 2011

An urbanMama recently emailed:

We have a situation with our 7.5 year old boy. He is consistently negative and it is starting to effect family life. He approaches most things like he is not going to like it, and surprise, he usually doesn’t. Since one of our marriage tenets is “it’s not getting what you want, it’s wanting what you have” his attitude of disdain for all is really pushing too many buttons for both of us. In typical sibling fashion, the younger brother has found the opposite role of “overly optimistic” to be open, so he has filled it. The contrast between the two is just adding to a icky mess and horrible family dinners. Bottom line: time for some family therapy.

In 2010 you had a great post about when people should seek child/family therapists. I think we’ve met those criteria, so now I’m looking for some suggestions. We are on the outer west side of Portland.  So: downtown Portland, NW, Beaverton, all of those would work. Why do you think the person was good, what did they do that worked (or that you heard worked)? It’s taken my husband and a while to figure out that we need to pull in an expert and now I want to jump ahead!