the co-foundresses of urbanMamas


Shetha is a high-tech research engineer by day and urbanMamas special projects coordinator by night. Shetha loves football, beer, and fast cars, and she also loves all things knitty. Shetha is a published knit-pattern writer and has been featured on the DIY Network. Shetha is proud mama to three fine gents, Andrew, Gabriel, and Cameron. She is married to Chris, who loves fast cars as much as Shetha and who is loyal to the swoosh.

Umamas_profile_olivia_sm Olivia is a small busiess lender by day and urbanMamas admin by night. Olivia adores red boots and Willamette Valley pinot noir. She bikes and runs, and bikes and runs. And still, she does not consider herself a "biker" or "runner". Olivia is mama to two lovely ladies, Ophelia (aka "Philly") and Tatiana (aka "Tati"), and the handsome little Raphy Jose (aka "RJ"). 

Olivia is married to David, a public health researcher who was once named one of America's Sexiest Dads by Parents Magazine. Olivia and David just celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary.



Hau is a research manager by day and urbanMamas IT department by night. An avid outdoors enthusiast, you can finding her running, biking, camping and hiking. Hau is known to tote her three boys, Carter,  Cole and Hendrik, on all her active excursions. 

 Since transplanting from the Midwest over a decade ago, she has drank the naturally sweetened, made with tap water Portland Kool-Aid (or local microbews and Oregon vino) and has been hooked ever since. She is married to an attorney who loves his canoe.


Her family has been car-free for several years, so Sarah totes her three boyfolk, Everett, Truman, and Monroe, on her mamabikeorama. Sarah is married to Jonathan, her high-school loverboy, who is deployed for the Army Reserves in Kuwait.