the urbanMamas team

Urban MomasurbanMamas is the love child of Olivia, Hau, and Sarah who out of desperation for mama-connectedness, conceived and birthed uM back in 2004. They poured out their hearts through their keyboards and created and facilitated the parenting, family, and biking community that is still an invaluable resource to the urban families of Portland today. Although these fabulous originals have moved on to new projects and adventures, you just might run into them at a uM clothing swap or a mama's wine night. 


IMG_7041 - Version 2Rae Ann was brought on as the social media manager in 2010. As a uM reader since 2005, she brought new energy to the team and took over many of the logistcal tasks that allowed the origional urbanMamas to write the archived content that you enjoy today. She also does our event coordination, site and sponsorship management, communications, plays the role of podcast co-host and anything else that needs doing. She even writes an occasional blog post. Rae Ann is also a full time student studying for her massage therapy license and is a single mama of two little pixies that keep her on her toes.


UMamas8Kelli swooped in in 2014 to lend her flare for all things wordy. Her real job keeps her busy with other projects, but her love for Portland, family, and story telling brought her to uM. She and Rae Ann have a friendship that began over pregnant bellies, diapers, and Post-It Notes. And that podcast you laugh along with every other week, that was her idea. Kelli is the Portland producer for "Listen to Your Mother" and has a sassy cat named Buffalo Sauce and two exciting, creative kiddos.