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Families of all configurations

January 10, 2012

Today, a friend told me, "It's twin Tuesday."  Almost every Tuesday, he and his wife go and spend time with the twins who were born of his sperm, which he donated to a friend so that she and her partner could be mamas.  They never imagined to be this close to one another, to be spending so much time together and to even be taking family vacations together, but they are.  And, it feels right.

We have other friends, also a two-mama family, each of whom bore a child.  Each of the donors remained active in the kids' lives.  "Dad-nors" as they were called.  Again, the extended family unit could not feel more right, with dad-nors joining in on birthday celebrations every year.

Good friends recently became two papas to a 7-month old boy, and they celebrate the day of each month that represents the day that they "got" (adopted) him.  Having had wanted to be papas for a while, they couldn't be happier that it is all smoothly falling into place.

Our families are not restricted to a mama, a papa, and child(ren).  We are so much more than that, with all sorts of definitions that are encompassed by "papa" and "mama", with more than one active mama or papa in any given life.  I would love to hear you share your own experiences with families of all configurations, and celebrate the diversity of our urbanMamas families.

When a teacher is asked "Are you gay?"

October 09, 2010

A student teacher, enrolled in the Lewis & Clark masters program in education and placed at a school in the Beaverton School District, was asked by a fourth-grade student questions about his sexual orientation.  Soon after, the student teacher was dismissed by the School.  It seems that the school bases its grounds on the fact that the conversation happened between teacher and a fourth-grader, a nine year-old.  Is it too early to discuss marriage and sexual orientation with fourth-graders?  If so, when is the right time?  If the teacher were straight, discussing his partnership or female fiancĂ©e, would the result have been the same?  If your child asked the teacher questions along these lines, how would you prefer he answered?

Queer Mamas - support, groups, resources?

January 25, 2010

Some of us are partnered mamas, and some of us are unpartnered mamas.  Some of us are partnered with men, some of us are partnered with women.  One topic we have yet to talk about specifically is to share resources for the queer mamas among us.  An urbanMama recently emailed:

I've noticed that I'm not the first to bring it up diversity because I found the old posting - "Recognizing the Diversity of urbanMamas."  I'm a queer mama (who also happens to be of mixed ethnicity) and it seems like there's a lack of representation and inclusion of queer/gay/lesbian, etc. mamas on your site.  This is so unfortunate given the "recent U.S. Census data show Oregon now has the third-highest proportion of same-sex couples in the nation, behind only Maine and Massachusetts."  (Portland Tribune, 1/7/10).  It seems like such a shame that there's no category for queer mamas, given that there's categories for lots of other types of mamas and families --- Papa Style, Working Mamas, Single Parenting, Love and Marriage, etc."  uM would be such a great resource for queer/lesbian mamas, who seek to find supportive communities and other like-minded mamas in PDX.  As I already mentioned, I adore uMs and would love the opportunity to have a sense of inclusion within the uM community. 

To this end, do you have resources to share for queer mamas?