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New baby for Hau inspires knitting group

March 13, 2009

Baby_feet_knitting Congratulations are in order. Last night at 10:19 p.m. -- less than 3 hours after she emailed to say she was headed to the hospital -- Hau and Joe welcomed baby Hendrik Hagedorn, 7 lbs 15 ozs, 20.5 inches. We're thrilled for them and I can't help but ask myself: what am I going to knit for the baby? A third boy deserves something special; for Monroe, my third little boy, it was a wild, swirly blanket of many colors. Richness is required, don't you think?

Which reminds me. Last Thursday in the Oregonian's In Portland section, I read a little story about a Catholic knitting group in Sullivan's Gulch. "Christ Child Society has met since 1964 at the Calaroga Terrace retirement home on Northeast Second Avenue to sew, knit and crochet clothes and bedding and package them with other items in layettes. But with membership declining from as many as 300 to 80 this year and the limited mobility of some members -- several were in their 90s -- the group decided it couldn't continue and held its final meeting last month," it went on. I was struck with a sudden, utter sadness and thought, couldn't we do it?

Shetha_knitted_blanket Last night, urbanMama Suzame gave me a ride home from an event we had both serendipitously been invited to attend, and mentioned the story, and how she and her husband had thought of me. It's fate, I said, and this morning I called Donna Kipp, from Multnomah County Health Department's Early Childhood Services, who had distributed the layettes to low income mothers, offering our services.

First-timer or third, low-income or middlin', every baby deserves some handmade items prepared with love. Do you have a little extra handmade love to go around? Would you like to get together occasionally to knit (and crochet and sew) it forward? If you're interested, say so; and if you can't wait to get started, meet me at Twisted next Thursday (March 19) around 11 a.m. I love the thought of being spiritual but non-denominational. What do you think?

Kids and the world, can't we all just get along?

April 28, 2008

For some reason I've been reading a lot of people's opinions lately about when, and where, it's "appropriate" to take your children; and how many people, even parents themselves, often wish children weren't around. Earlier this week at a knitting event, Larissa had a particularly ugly run-in with a woman who evidently was in the "children should be neither seen nor heard" camp, and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (who was speaking during the whole brouhaha) weighed in on her blog.

While it was long and, in the Yarn Harlot's particular style, a bit self-effacing and entirely funny, it was also just about the most honest and lovely and graceful statement about how adults and children should interact in public (no matter where or when they are) that I've read in some time. It made me feel a little bit better about the other night, when my two older boys, a little wired from being tired and hungry, crawled back and forth under our table at a neighborhood Mexican restaurant (La Bamba on Powell, where the servers are always lovely and indulgent). They disrupted no one but me and the older couple sitting next to us couldn't have been more generous about it. "We had young children once!" they said gaily.

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Knitting with a Serious Purpose

January 17, 2008

Worldwari_knit05redcrossI haven't counted, but it must be true that Portland has more knit shops per capita than any other city on the planet.  I can almost hear the needles clicking around town right now!  Truth is, I am a mediocre knitter with no patience for delayed gratification (and heaps of unused yarn in the basement, natch).  But it's all this charity knitting that intrigues me -  the preemite hats, the veterans & bereavement blankets, afghans for Afghans

Any urbanMamas busy charity knitting?  If so, any recommendations for good local programs or groups to connect with?  What a cool way to involve your kids in making something for others, learning a clearly useful craft. Quick baby hats, piecework blankets - doesn't get any easier.  If you're a knitty mama, how about an urbanMamas kid charity knitting project this winter?  Read more and share you knitting passion over on Activistas.

Mommy 'n' Me Knitting

January 29, 2007

Thanks for the feedback on Mommy 'n Me Knitting.  Sydney's Cafe is proud to present its first of anKnit ongoing group for mamas and their little ones to gather an knit.  It's a great time for those of all ages and skill levels:

  • Have your child learn to knit
  • Finish that knitting project you have been working on
  • Meet up with a friend to chat and knit
  • Cozy up to comfy chairs and a latte while learning this craft
  • Collaborate with other knitters in the community
  • And simply have a wonderful Saturday morning!

Everyone is welcome!  Every Saturday beginning February 3rd at 10 AM.

1800 NW 16th Avenue
503 241 4313

updated March 1, 2007:  Due to schedule conflicts, Mommy 'n' Me knitting will now be every SUNDAY at 10 AM.

Red Scarf Project 2007

January 19, 2007

Care packages from family were such a big thing in college, especially in the earlier months and years. Can't say that I was ever a recipient of frequent care packages...

Now that we've helped with Caps to the Capital and Warm Up America, it's time to support the Red Scarf Project 2007. The Orphan Foundation of America is collecting red scarves to send to unadopted foster youth in college:

The red scarves that knitters and crocheters make for this project will be put in Valentine's Day 2007 care packages for these very brave young people who, despite many hardships, are attending college. Getting these packages will let them know they are cared for and hopefully give them encouragement to stay the course. Think of the scarf you make as a hug for someone who, despite all odds, is working hard to get an education and trying to make his or her life, and therefore the life of our extended community, better.

See the guidelines, and knit fast! They are only accepting scarves through January.

NE Knitting Mommies

March 14, 2006

Calling all nifty, knitty mamas.  Here's Chrissy's group:

Hi! I saw your post on Urban Mamas calling for knitting groups/playgroups that would be open to Urban Mamas. I am running a couple of knitting groups right now - we're called the NE Knitting Mommies. We've been meeting regularly on Monday nights from 7-9, usually at my home in NE (Beaumont-Wilshire area) but also at coffee shops around the eastside. We also just started meeting as an afternoon knit/play group on Thursdays between 1 & 5. Not much knitting gets done, but we still have fun! Anyone who might be interested in joining us should e-mail me - mailto:sevenby30@hotmail.com - for more info.

Knitty Knitty Bang Bang

November 11, 2005

Are you a knitty mama?  I'm not.  But, I do know that there are lots of knitting mamas out there!  Some of our pdx mama bloggas on the left are some knitting mamas, including Knitting Mama Phenom, StitchMarker Mama, Semaphoria, to name a few.  Who else?  Any ideas for some classes, events, or resources intown for a newbie like me?