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The responsibilities of Mamahood

October 25, 2007

The ever expanding field of motherhood has plenty of management opportunities available.  Here is a list of just a few of the many management roles someone pursuing motherhood might find themselves in.

CBO    Chief Bedtime Officer - handling everything from pajamas to teeth brushing to stories and tucking in, one of motherhood's great delights!
CCO    Chief Coat Officer - Managing and Keeping tabs on all the coats in the family, so that one never goes without a warm jacket or coat.  Can also include scarf and glove/mitten responsibilities.
CDO    Chief Discipline Officer - Maintaining acceptable behavior models consistently and repeatedly, sometimes thousands of times over.
CEO    Chief Executive Officer - In charge of getting things done, no matter what difficulties come your way.
CFO    Chief Food Officer - Responsible for ensuring that everyone is fed with healthy food and snacks.
CHO    Chief Hug Officer - Offering hugs for every situation needing a little extra comfort.
CIO    Chief Illness Officer - In charge of gathering symptom information and passing it on to the next expert.
CJO    Chief Joking Officer - Responsible for keeping the mood light and fun even when tempers are short, tummies are empty, and eyes are sleepy.
CKO    Chief Kissing Officer - Both mitigating the emotional impact of bumps, scrapes and bruises and also conveying the mastery of the Chief Loving Officer title.
CLO    Chief Loving Officer - Gifted with the fullness of heart no matter what comes your way.  The mother's love is boundless and comes without any conditions attached.
CNO    Chief Noise Officer - Regulating noise levels appropriate to location and current company.
CPO    Chief Potty Officer - If this one needs explanation then perhaps you're looking in the wrong field ;-)
CQO    Chief Question Officer - The first go-to for all questions from your little workers.
CSO    Chief Shoe Officer - similar to chief coat officer responsibilities.  Added benefit:  Being in charge of purchasing shoes.
CTO    Chief Toy Officer - Managing the flow in and out of toys, both indoor and outdoor.
CUO    Chief Underwear Officer - Making sure there are always clean pairs, even extras, available.
CWO    Chief Wipes Officer - Responsible for keeping wipes available everywhere at any time.  Even for complete strangers, if necessary.
CZO    Chief Zipper Officer - No explanation necessary.