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Naturopath Recommendations

March 11, 2009

We've talked about MD vs. ND and we've also collected some great suggestions for Naturopaths for Kids.  An urbanMama recently emailed requesting more recommendations for naturopaths:

I’ve struggled with a diminished libido since going on the pill when I first married my husband 13 years ago.  After a lot of couples counseling to help decompress what became a horrible situation in our marriage, I felt pretty confident that my decreased sex drive has been related to hormones.  I saw a naturopath a few years ago for help with this issue, but stopped seeing her after getting pregnant.  I’m still struggling with a range of hormone challenges (PMS being one), and would like to get back to a naturopath again.  I’m wondering if any urban mamas out there have recommendations for Portland area naturopaths who specialize in female hormones?  I would prefer someone in NE Portland, but am willing to go pretty much anywhere in the Portland area to get some help with this issue.  Thanks!

Who takes care of your family? MD or ND?

March 18, 2008

I'm still not savvy enough to figure out how to link through on these posts, but I recently posted a question about putting tubes in my happy baby's ears. Lots of you responded, thank you! At our first visit with the ENT a month ago, Henrik's ears definitely had fluid in them, and his hearing was down 10-15%...we knew this was not a problem we could ignore just because of his happy demeanor but I felt strongly we were not going to do tubes without trying other avenues first. So in the last month, we have had 3 visits with a chiropractor who specializes in treating babies and mamas (Dr. Amy Watson at Whole Mama, Whole Child) and we've visited with our naturopath friend (Dr. Michelle Sturm at Blue Sky Wellness) who has been checking his ears and giving us lots of other things to try like herbs, probiotics, massage and hydrotherapy to get that fluid moving. We just had our follow up visit with our ENT, and after literally months of fluid filled ears, we were thrilled to learn that Henrik's ears are now totally clear!

As a mama, I have an instinct to FIX things and when my kids are sick or in pain, I want to DO something and I believe that knowledge is power so when I dont have the answers, I go out and I LEARN something. I like our pediatrician, and I feel that she has given us sound advice on how to take care of our boys. When I wanted to take a conservative approach on administering antibiotics to Henrik, she was very supportive but she did not have anything else for us to try beyond the antibiotics and tubes surgery. When I left her office and the ENT's office, I felt pretty helpless--either wait and hope, or do the surgery. On the other hand, I left the naturopath's office with herbs, oils, lotions and some strategy and a much more empowered feeling that maybe we could DO something to give his body a little kick in the pants to heal itself. Not to mention the time that each of these doctors have spent with us...the pediatrician and ENT are pretty much 30 minute, "in-and-out" visits with talk about symptoms and medications. The chiropractor and naturopath on the other hand, both spent an hour+ with us, asking tons of questions about diet, home environment, personality, etc. and I cant help but feel that these doctors are taking a much more comprehensive approach, trying to get at the root of the matter rather than just treating the symptoms. And they bill our insurance a fraction of what our pediatrician does.

I'm convinced that it's the combination of our collective efforts that did the trick, but I'll also acknowledge that it's possible that it was simply a matter of time too. But my experiences with the naturopath and chiropractor have gotten me thinking...is it in my best interest to consult our naturopath prior to our pediatrician the next time we come down with a bug? Should I consider switching to the naturopath as our primary care physician all together? What are the benefits to staying with our pediatrician? Is it cheating if I try to maintain relationships with both?

So I'm curious, mamas...Who takes care of your family? Do you see a pediatrician? Do you see a family practice provider? Do you see a Naturopath? If you see a pediatrician, is he or she proactive about sharing alternative therapies in addition to conventional or pharmaceutical approaches? If you see a naturopath, is there anything they have not been able to help you with? We've chosen to vaccinate our kids, do naturopaths do vaccinations?

Seeking General Practitioner

November 13, 2007

Here's a request for your recommendations for a general practitioner.  We just know you'll be generous with your thoughts!  Betsy emails:

I think urbanMamas has gotten me every doctor / hairdresser / school that I like and use, but I don't think we have covered the basic general practitioner category yet.  I need your basic doc that listens, focuses, and has good ideas.  My current one falls short on 3 out of 3 of those.  I live in NW/SW Portland.  Anybody have anyone they are willing to share?   Thanks for this great community.  You have made living here with children easier and certainly more fun.

urbanPapa Doctor Recommendation?

May 03, 2007

We urbanMamas are interested in good health for urbanPapas, too!  Christina has a great question:

I have a question I'm asking on behalf of the UrbanPapa in my family. I've always taken for granted the fact that I have a doctor who specializes in women's health issues, but my husband has been looking for a doctor who specializes in men's health and has come up empty. He'd like to have a doctor he can go to for a general check-up, talk about various issues and build a relationship. Any recommendations? I want him to live a long, healthy life!

Searching for Vax-Flex Doc

April 28, 2007

Somewhat similar to the quest for a doctor who will offer the MMR vaccine in 3 separate shots, can someone recommennd a doctor who would respect a family's decision not to vaccinate?

We just got fired from our pediatrician for refusing to vaccinate our 2 year old.  Can anyone recommend a pediatrician in close-in SE or NE who wii be ok with our choice?

Family Doctor vs. Pediatrician

March 14, 2007

Karen's wondering if her decision to use a pediatrician for her child is the right choice.  Anyone want to offer up their experiences?

After switching from a lovely family doctor at Portland Family Practice to a pediatrician at Broadway Medical Clinic, I'm wondering if I made the right choice.  I had a bad experience with the doc at BMC at my daughter's 3 year appointment, plus it is so big and busy.  The two reasons I decided to switch from PFP in the first place was that our doc there only worked a couple of days and, secondly, all my friends had babies (after me) and all went to a pediatrician, so I thought this is what I should do too - more specific medical attention for children, etc.  I should let you know, I'm Irish and we always went to a general practitioner growing up - I'd never heard of a pediatrician until I moved here and had my first baby 3 years ago!  I'd love to hear from other people about why they chose a family doc over a pediatrician and vice versa.  I'd also take some recommendations, even if it means moving within the practice in BMC.  I just want to get it right this time for my childrens' sake. At this point, I'm a little tempted to see if my doc at PFP will take us back!

Wanted - Primary Care Referral

June 12, 2006

Shari's looking for a primary care physician on the Eastside:

My primary care physician is moving to the Westside, and I'm in the Beaumont/Alameda area. Does anyone have any recommendations for stellar primary care physicians in my area, or around the Hollywood district or Providence Hospital? I have a heart condition that sometimes requires antibiotics when I'm sick, so I need someone who is good about getting patients in the same day. Someone personable, who really cares, takes time with their patients. ("These are the 21 Things I Want in a Doctor...") And hopefully runs on time! (As a busy mom, I'm soooo over waiting forever for doctors who are always running behind.) Bonus points for a woman doctor, but I'm open. Once I have some names, I'll compare against my insurance's preferred provider list. Anyone?