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Helping Children Deal with Death

June 15, 2007

Like life, death is an important part of our worlds.  It will, at one time or another, affect us all and will affect our children.  Has your family had to deal with death?  An urbanMamas reader emails:

My father-in-law passed away a couple of weeks ago and we are going to Iowa next week for the memorial service. I have 3 1/2 year old b/g twins. Has anyone had to deal with death and preschoolers? How do we explain what is going on, should we bring them to the cemetary, is there something that can make them feel apart of things?

Relocating with a preschooler

June 13, 2007

Many of us can relate to moving to Portland with child in tow. Perhaps you can share so first-hand experiences with Gina?

We are relocating to NW PDX this August with our 4 year old daughter. With a big move, and a new baby coming the same month, I'm worried her world is going to really beturned upside down and I'm desperate to find a nurturing school where the teachers will make her feel welcome, engaged and excited about the big changes in her life. I've heard some good things about the Tigard Playschool Co-op and am planning to make a visit soon. Does anyone have any thoughts/comments on this school or suggestions of other schools to consider? Have any of the UrbanMamas out there moved with a preschooler? What did you do to make their transition easier? I sure appreciate your advice and look forward to getting to Portland!

Speech Language Pathologist Reco?

May 14, 2007

An urbanMama is seeking your recommendation for a speech therapist for her child.  She writes:

My daughter just turned 18 mos. She started signing at 14 mos. and is up to 100 signs. She's very communicative with her signs, intonations, and babbling. She's also signing 2 word ''sentences'' to express what she's just seen and also about past events. My worry is her lack of talking. We know she's capable of speech because at 11 mos. she could say dog, downstairs, and upstairs. However, now that she's signing so much she doesn't even say dog. We also know that she doesn't have any problems hearing since she can sign what the next songs are when we're listening to CD's. Our pediatrician at Kaiser is referring my daughter to a speech language pathologist (SLP). Has anyone had any good/bad experiences with the Kaiser SLPs? Should I go through the Multnomah County  ESD Early Intervention program? I'm lucky to have the means to pursue a third option - private therapy. What private therapists would other urbanmamas recommend?