Childcare Forum - Tips & Tricks

Thanks for your interest in posting to the Childcare Forum.  Here are some tips & tricks:

  1. Title: Keep it short, sweet, descriptive. E.g. "FT Childcare opening available Jun 2011"
  2. Body: The first two lines should appear in the initial post, all subsequent lines should be divided using the "split extended entry" button (fourth button from right in the typepad composer).
  3. Extended Entry: include all pertinent details
    - Childcare or Nanny name
    - Type of Facility: home daycare, childcare center, nanny share, nanny in your home
    - FT/PT opening and specific hours of operation
    - location
    - how to get in touch!  include email and phone, if desired
  4. Photos should be sized "small" an only included in the "split extended entry" portion of the post
Don't forget to process payment for the posting, and we will publish upon receipt.  Thank you for using the urbanMamas Childcare Forum.