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Classroom Birthday Celebrations

It's a topic I struggle with year after year.  When my boy came home, the day before his birthday, he was excited to share news of the other kid who had celebrated a birthday in the classroom that day.  Excited, he said "we made buttons, each person got to make two of their own buttons".  And also: the celebrant distributed owl stickers (the owl is the school mascot) and lollipops to take home.

I was a bit dumbfounded.  An activity like button-making sounded like a heavy lift.  I knew I couldn't come up with an activity that would compare with the wow-factor.  It was already 9pm the night before his birthday and I had let the teacher know I would come for the 30-minutes window before lunch.  But: I had no idea what I'd do.  I had no bandwidth to conduct an art activity.  I considered playing a classroom game (like "heads up 7-up").  What else?  And, what about the treats?  Bring some, bring none, bring fruit, bring pencils?

The next day, it was a hectic work-day especially since I had taken off for an hour to show up in the birthday boy's classroom.  I was disheveled and disorganized as I sauntered into the room with 3 large framed photos of the celebrant from prior birthdays and his baby book in hand.  I read selected excerpts from the baby book: about his favorite foods, about his love for music from a young age, about his favorite sports now that he was older.  The classmates laughed at the stories, and my boy loved the attention.

As for treat?  I found it within myself that morning to make a batch of mini-muffin tin donuts, a household favorite that takes me 20 minutes, beginning to end.  Thank goodness his classroom allowed homemade treats (some classrooms don't!).  Happy Birthday, big boy!


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Way to celebrate the boy's birthday with the attention he deserves!

I find we're always at the whim of each teacher's rules. This year's teacher for my September baby is serious about school being for instruction and limits outside distractions. She limits birthday celebrations to once a year. I read everything she sends home diligently so that we obey the rules! Two days before the September boy's birthday, I heard that "Another September birthday" brought in fruit and muffins for her birthday. What? We can do that? That's against the rules! May I break the rules too? So I asked Ms. Teacher the next day whether I too could break the rules for the soon to be birthday boy. She calmly said, "Apparently that family did not read the birthday celebration rules. So, no. Please no treats anymore."

There you have it. I was off the hook and didn't break any rules.

If you want a good bithday celebration for your child, it's easy... it's easier than you think to impress him or her, just a little bit of attention.
If to be more close to subject... present him a little of breaking of school rules. Do his\her homework yorself (it won't be difficult, right?) or just order it online, for example here http://www.paythegeek.com

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