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End-of-Year Classrooms: Eco-Friendly Tips


We came across some great reminders and tips to keep in mind as we approach the end of the school year, so we thought we'd forward them along:

Can you reduce waste at end of the year celebrations?  Consider sharing these tips with staff and parent volunteers at your school:

  1. Trash plan not just a trash can.  Prior to the event, coordinate with teachers, custodians and students and let them know that correct recycling procedures are a priority for your school.
  2. Eliminate plastic trash so it is not part of the problem.  Request that party planners purchase paper plates & paper cups, serve finger food and treats that are wrapped in paper and not plastic.  Serve beverages from large dispensers with paper or reusable cups.
  3. Co-locate your bins and attach signs.  Folks are more likely to sort waste properly if you have recycling, compost and trash cans set up side by side.
  4. Man the cans.  Use students and parents to monitor your bins and reduce contamination.

Also, for teachers preparing for summer: Unplug all electronics and appliances in the classroom to conserve energy during the summer break. Many electronic devices continue to use energy even when not in use.

Items to unplug include:

•    refrigerators, microwaves and coffee pots.
•    projectors and document readers
•    Smart Boards
•    charging devices
•    TV
•    Printers
•    lamps
•    pencil sharpeners


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Nice tips. Waste can feel like a hard thing to control beyond your own home.

Irvington School took on the challenge of starting a new composting program over last summer, and it's been a big success. It some volunteers to monitor in the first month, but the got on board really quickly and now it's the norm.

The big question is, what's your school's attitude and culture around recycling and waste? The key is to make it easy and fun.

Happy end of the school year!

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