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Seeking Science Project Tips & Tricks

It's that time of year at many schools: science project season.  We are trying to start early in this household, so we don't get into the proctrastination situation.  My 10-year old and her project partner are getting together soon to "brainstorm" ideas.  

Last year: we had done "which bubble gum brand blows the biggest bubble?"  A fun and silly question pursued in the scientific method.


What projects have you done in the past?  We are collecting ideas!


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As a kid I did one about droplet patterns and how the height from which you drop colored liquid onto paper affects the size of the droplet pattern made. It was an aesthetically pleasing project and taught a lot about surface tension.

Comparing and contrasting fingerprints between family members, friends, etc is always a fun one for littles.

You can count the number of taste buds on people's tongues (I think it requires just food coloring to stain the taste buds to make them easily visible). You can then correlate the number of taste buds with people's self-professed appreciation of spicy food.

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