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Happy No Housework Day?

Denise on BlogHer's Facebook page announced, "Happy No Housework Day!" Not that she is celebrating the day properly. Not that I am any one to judge.

I've had my own very (very very very) tortured relationship with housework. On one hand I love housework; I said once that every essay I write could begin, "I am washing the dishes. I am washing the dishes again." And in this daily task is often a kind of meditative calm that I desperately long for when I'm too busy to wash the dishes (or too busy to wash the dishes contemplatively).

Today is such a day. Too busy for housework, though indeed I will do some, I suppose, thank goodness I have people in life who take so much of the load from me. I can never decide, do I love to do housework? Do I value creating more; writing and painting colors on walls and growing things in the garden?

Spending time with kids, drawing pictures and biking and grocery shopping and baking things? People who know me say to me something like, Sarah, you're not as good at the tidying, you're better really one-on-one or one-on-more, hanging out with the kids. I never know whether to see this as the best compliment anyone could give me or its opposite.

I'm not good at prioritizing housework, though I maintain I can do it beautifully when I want to. I just care more about so many, many things. How do you feel about housework and Happy No Housework Day!? Does this seem like something worth celebrating to you -- and in what context would you celebrate it? Liberation, or longing? Guilt, or gaiety?

(Yes I used the word "gaiety." I guess you can tell I've been reading 18th-century poetry instead of doing housework today...)


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Every morning I empty the dishwasher and sometimes promptly reload it with waiting dishes. Whether or not I reload: I do empty it every morning. I empty it while the coffee perks; I empty it while I prioritize the morning schedule; I empty it while hydrating if I have had a dehydrating night. As you say: there is a meditative calm about it.

On Mother's Days or my birthdays, I try not to do any domestic work. But, I almost always end up emptying the dishwasher.

I am a clean woman / i just can not stand a dirty house in the day ! so, I like to clean at night.
I never try to wake up to a dirty house on purpose ( I hate chores)
I have no idea how to be comfortable with a sink full of dirty dishes ..
are you that busy in your life , that you seem not to have the time to care for the things you work so hard for ?

unless your lazy and you just feel like living in your own filth for a day :)

Well here's my dish situation. I have a dishwasher but some things don't go in it- ie pots, pans. Those get hand washed and then put to dry on the rack. Then, the dishwasher for whatever reason doesn't dry tupperware and plastics well, so that also has to come out and dry on the rack. Can you guess the crunchpoint here.. the rack is invariably full! I could hand dry each one, but yeah, it's more than I want to spend time doing. I also will only run a dishwasher full, so sometimes there are odd items that don't fit the spaces that are left so they are lined up waiting on the next cycle. Most of the houses I visit seem the same to me... a few waiting in the line in the sink and dishes on the drying rack rather than being all hand done.

IDK, I think in the time spent ruminating on it, it could just be done.

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