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Happy St. Patrick's Day, but: How do kids celebrate?

"What IS St. Patrick's Day?" questions have been coming fast and loose from the kids around me today. My best answer is "a celebration of Irish culture," but when I looked up the Wikipedia page on St. Paddy's Day I don't think I realized that the religious feast day in Ireland to celebrate the isle's patron saint includes a Lenten loophole -- restrictions on lush behavior are lifted. (Don't tell those people in kilts -- kilts? -- I saw already drunk on Friday night.) So I started describing how and why people drink like crazy on St. Patrick's Day.

"All people do is EAT and GET DRUNK?" came the angry rejoinder. I got a demand to "do something fun outside!" -- but other than hunt for four-leaf clovers or gold pots at the ends of rainbows, I can't think of a thing.

What do you do with the kids for St. Patrick's Day, other than wearing green and making (my favorite part) Irish food? Anything we can fit in before the end of the day?


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Several years ago, we started having a "Green Dinner." My kids help me plan a dinner where we have as many green foods as possible. It's fun for them, we get creative with our cooking, and green things are usually really healthy. On this year's menu: a delicious kale and black bean taco with chimichurri sauce off thekitchn.com; green olives, green beans sauteed with olive oil and a bit of salt, some Annie's Kitchen seaweed snacks, and roasted pumpkin seeds. Oh, and beer and cider for hubs and I :).

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