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ND on OHP?

Devon needs recommendations for a Naturopath that accepts the Oregon Health Plan. She asks: Both my little girls (5 and 1) are on the new Care Oregon/Health Share Medicaid program. So far in their protected lives, they've only been treated by my acupuncturist (a pediatric specialist from out of town) and our midwife/ND here in town (Catherine at A Gentle Beginning). We love both of them, and we pay for them. For financial and practical reasons, I really want to get my ladies set up with a PCP within our provider directory (these terms! infuriating!). Are there even MD/NDs in the Kaiser/Providence/CareOregon network? Does anyone have any advice - either a beloved family doc who might be within our network (and then actually accepting new OHP patients...) or experience with the Health Share network itself (which is so overwhelmed by calls right now they just tell you to hang up)?


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I would also love to hear suggestions. Just had my first child under Open Card/OHP and switching to Kaiser in about a month. I'd love to find a good ND or family doc who takes Kaiser, if there are any.

Devon - It took me about 2 months of calling, waiting on hold for hours, dropped calls after being on hold for 45 minutes, and speaking with confused and uninformed OHP employees to finally get coverage through OHP. I feel your pain! Its a nightmare!

We live on the coast, and drive in for appts to Sellwood Family Natural Medicine where our girls (both adopted and on OHP/Care Oregon) see Dr Leigh Ann Chapmann, ND, who is fabulous. They take OHP with no issues at all. Hope that helps. As far as I know she is accepting new patients as well.

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