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Throwback Thursday: Kinder Questions

With the new school year soon down the road, many mamas & papas are starting to talk about starting school, which school to visit, getting on the Round-Up circuit.  To help further this process, we thought we'd offer up some topics from years past in this week's Throwback Thursday:

Here are the upcoming dates for Connect to Kindergarten dates at PPS schools.

Your strategy or thoughts on upcoming round-ups and school searches?


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I am so frustrated with having to pay for kindergarten. I have the 'choice' to pay $400 per month next year for my child to attend full-day kindergarten. At my neighborhood school round up last year, the teachers said they had not had a child go half day (the only way it's free) in 3 years. She said that they don't plan for 1/2 day students and that my child would miss out if she was only half day. Insane.

Paying for full day is being phased out in the 2015-16 school year. A law was passed but districts are still figuring out how to support the new state mandate.

I understand the need for people to use full day K in place of paying for child care, but I am on the other side. I have an incoming kindergartener in a district with full day K, free, but no option for half day K. I am interested in giving her 1 more year to be a young child, not a student, so I do not want full day, but there are no options. Has anyone considered the possibility of children being children, not students learning standards? They will be students and learn (or not learn) the standards for the rest of their childhoods.

Anyone have info on how bridger is these days? Anyone with recent kinder or early grades experiences there? How bout with the spanish immersion? Scores still look terrible but I know that's only one aspect of a school. Any info would be great!! Seems so hard to find info on this school.

I agree, Pauline. I felt the same way, and considered homeschooling, but my husband was opposed. My child (who is an older one for his class) is in full-day K. He does still complain occasionally of the day being too long. I know they do most of the school 'work' in the morning portion of school, and the afternoons are more relaxed. I honestly don't know how much more they can get from a 5/6 year old.

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