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Breakfast Time: what do you do?

In households across America, weekday mornings are frenzied rushes of breakfast making/eating, lunch preparing, signature collecting, and homwork finishing.  Many mornings, I will find my teen with her headphones in, listening to music, while my ten-year old sits on a stool staring at a blank wall, and the 4-year old might be begging for help putting on his shirt.  Indeed, it is a mad rush to get breakfast prepared, but - once seated - then what?  Sometimes we make morning conversation, sometimes we compare dreams, sometimes we listen to NPR, sometimes we listen to pop radio.

Once you make your breakfast - eggs, oats, cereal, smoothies or something entirely else (sometimes we eat cake!)- and once your kids do the same, do you sit down and chat?  Do you each have an independent activity like reading separately?  Do you watch TV or listen to the radio?


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make lunches, get my self dressed. I have to wait half and hour after taking a pill to eat & they are hungry right away so I don't usually eat with them.

Breakfast as a family during the week? Nope - doesn't happen here. We fend for ourselves. The kids know how to make themselves oatmeal, toast, cereal, yogurt, etc. They know to eat something from a couple of food groups, and I trust them to do so (I typically ask them what they have eaten, and advise them to add something else if it isn't sufficient). But, with getting three kids and myself out of the house in the morning, we are usually scattered. I try to get it all done the night before, but even if backpacks are ready, lunches are packed, homework is put away, etc., we just don't have time in the morning for a leisurely breakfast. I prefer to let the kids sleep for an extra 15-20 minutes. I only wake them up 30 minutes before we need to get out the door.

Kid gets up all of 15 mins before we roll out the door- we have time for eating and a small chat and he might read. He'll say he wants more time but if he ever does get up earlier- it is an odd spot of time to fill, as you can't start much when you have to go soon- the time seems better spent in a bit more sleep. We then continue reading and conversing through our 20 min car ride. I will have already readied myself and made lunch, so he can just get up and move on out.

I'm not sure my oldest is ready to take on the responsibility of making all of his own bfast, so I cook. He can cut cheese, whip up the eggs, He is great at prep! Something hot and filling keeps him going on the bike ride and hopefully focused until lunch! He loves to have yogurt, and can help get that on the table. We have so much time in the morning because he doesn't sleep in, usually an hour or more. I do try to have lunch ready the night before but our morning rush is getting washed up and dressed without wasting time playing with younger brother and sister. The younger 2 are on board with getting out the door. I feel lucky that they are great eaters and like the ride to school, if not the school day. I know I just jinxed myself but (for these 5 years) this is our standard AM grind.

Our best mornings are when we are all up and running on schedule, Pandora is playing the Copacabana station, and we all sit down at the same time to eat. These last couple of weeks, I've pre-cooked pancakes that they heat in the microwave. My son likes to read at the table, but he can only do that if he's at the table by a certain time (since it slows him down). They're up about one hour before we have to leave the house.

Limited family time at breakfast for us during the week. Hubs is usually out the door before kiddo wakes up. I have just come back from a run or workout and am drinking a smoothie while the kid wakes up, reads, watches a show, helps with breakfast, gets ready, etc. Many times we are also finishing up laundry or dishes, making lunches, prepping dinner, etc. We all have different dietary restrictions and needs so also don't eat the same foods or the same time.

We alternate oatmeal and granola, which I get ready. The kids and I all sit around the table in silence, eating and reading. (They are 14 and 11, but this has been the routine for years.)

Every morning, I make sure that they would love their breakfast. We sit together and talk about plans for the day. :)

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