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High School (or College) Class Reunions: do you go?

I have disappeared from my high school mailing list, having moved enough times in the past couple of decades.  Until a "friend" on Facebook mentioned it, I didn't realize that it was our 20-year high school reunion.  Well, it had passed, in June, but there were festivities at school upcoming in November.

A robust online conversation ensued amongst many of my high school classmates: "we should skip the school reception and just go out for drinks" and "where is so-and-so?" and "why do I feel like I should lose 20 pounds in the next few weeks?"

I keep in touch with one friend from high school, who was also the maid of honor at my wedding.  There are a handful of other friends with whom I am friends with Facebook, and part of me wonders if I would ever see these folks again in real life.  I lurk from afar, "like" pictures of their kids, comment with suggestions to the post "what should I make for dinner?!?"

But, to gather in real life?  I haven't lived within 600 miles of my old high school until a couple of years ago.  Many former classmates still cluster up close to where we all grew up.  Some of them still go out together, keep in close touch.

I never really thought about going to a high school reunion, but suddenly I am thinking: why wouldn't I?  I live closeby and if it is convenient enough, why not?

I know we all had different experiences in high school, maybe some of us keep in touch with old high school friends and some of us don't.  I'm curious to hear about your reunion experiences!  Did you bring partners or kids?  Did others?  Did you have fun?  Tell me!


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I did attend my 20th high school reunion and enjoyed it, though I don't think I would have traveled far to do so.

My 10 year reunion was terrible. Everyone felt inauthentic, like they had to show how cool their lives had been since high school. 20 year was super fun though. Most had kids and seemed more settled as we were approaching our 40s. I brought my husband who didn't go to high school with me, but knew lots of my friends since we've been together since I was 19. Kids weren't involved in our reunion and honestly I wouldn't have wanted them hearing stories from my high school years. :)

I traveled across the country for my 20 year reunion. Most people have not left the general area and live within miles of my high school! I did socialize with a few people that I had not seen since we graduated...it was nice to see them and catch up. Out of a class of 500, only 80 or so showed up. Needless to say, it quickly turned into a popularity contest. Some of the people I would have loved to seen, didn't show up.
I wish someone would had suggested a cocktail meet up. Instead we met at a hotel conference room and drank over priced beers and had mushy ziti.

Attended my 25th a few yrs ago. Was fabulous. Went solo, and so did everyone else. Got so raucous neighbors complained and administration was chagrined; we were the "loud" class, so no surprise. Hah, I attended an all-girls independent prep schl, so, we're talking about thirty kick-a## women in their 40s (most of us having hot flashes and several of us, myself included at the time, still nursing), dishing about kids and hobbies and spouses and careers and aging/dying parents and all the rest). We've agreed to *really* live it up for our 30th and prank the school on our 50th.
I stayed away for the 10th and 20th, which I heard were much more image-concious, competitive, etc. And, yeah, I'm talking a graduating class of 62 women--cannot imagine the usual big public coed high school reunion scene!

I went to my 10th. My 20th would have been my first weekend away from my kiddo who was 8 months old at the time. Did not seem worth the travel. Almost did the 25th, but then some of the folks I wanted to see in real life could not attend. And it just did not work out. If I did not have to travel I would have bee more inclined to go.

I think it really depends on your high school and town you are from. I graduated from a very small rural high school. I went to college and never went back. Then 20 years later I thought it would be a great idea to drag my husband to my reunion. What the hell was I thinking? Most of the people there had never left. What a mistake going. What a waste of a weekend! I am most thankful for leaving that god forsaken place and not marrying my high school sweetheart! Whew!

My high school's on the other side of the country and I've FB just fine for keeping up with everyone (in fact overall, more info than I need).

What's interesting in my case is that I'm still (30 years later, on opposite coasts) besties with my BFF from high school. And no this didn't involve a FB reconnect. We were maids/matrons of honor at one another's weddings, and now talk to one another almost every other day!

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