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Today's her birthday!

Our girl is now of the age that we don't necessarily do anything celebratory at school, though I did jokingly threaten to show up at her middle school during lunch period today (her response was a glaring eye).  

I did feel a bit of pressure this year to celebrate with some big familial party, so other members of our extended family could honor our celebrant.  To be honest, I didn't have it in me (a rare thing).  We have many traditions to celebrate as a family, just our own family, starting with early morning presents and card-reading first thing in the morning.  There will be cake (sort of, actually just a leftover cake) and there will be dinner of her own choice (she wants "breakfast for dinner").  This is our way of celebrating and it is everything she wants and more.

There were some other great ideas in an old thread, "A non-party birthday celebration".  What are some of your birthday celebrating traditions, small-style or big-style, with family or friends?


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For the longest time we just had small family Birthday parties for our sons. But the last three years both boys have requested sleepovers with a few friends. Honestly I'm not crazy having them at our house because, well for one I'm getting old and crazy boys running thru the house drives me bonkers and they are also exhausting. We do dinner and a big breakfast for the kids the next am. Actually to be fair my husband does the dinner and pancake breakfast. I would like to do something different this year as my oldest will be turning 13. Thinking of ideas.

We made a Happy Birthday banner from the rainbow paintings we've accumulated. Cut in to triangles, and oldest wrote each letter out. Strung on rainbow yarn looks great for birthdays in each season! We make a cake to share with neighbors, families are too far away and call it good. So far we've only had one, invite the whole class party(to go indoor swimming), It went well. I am very glad we waited until the 8th birthday to do it, confident swimmers ;-) When family is here/us there we have all kinds of fun, no limits!!

Birthdays are a big deal at our house. My husband and I both enjoy doing large birthday celebrations for the kids. I enjoy it because we moved around so much growing up that I never had enough friends to have big parties, and my husband because his parents never did anything more than a dinner out. We both grew up a bit jealous of friends who had big deals made out of their birthdays, so it's one of those"things I will do differently" items for us. haha.

All of our kids are close in age, and all have, up until the last two years, had lot of cross over in their friendship circles, so for several years, we did one big party in celebration of all three at places like Pump it Up, Sky High, etc.

This year for the first time all of our kids are in different classrooms, and they are all starting to have their own sets of friends. I suspect we will do three separate parties with three separate sets of kids. The parties will be smaller now, only 5-6 kids each (our largest with three "birthday" kids was about 40 kids). The oldest will probably have a sleepover this year, while the middle and youngest will probably do something like a timbers game and a themed party, respectively. We will no longer do any "whole class invited" parties.

Also, my kids have summer birthdays, so we always hold the parties a month in advance, before school gets out. The cool thing about this is that the birthday kids really have a "birthday month" at our house, with the friend celebration first, followed a few weeks later by the family celebration. The family celebration is very low key - just a special day doing whatever you want, followed by whatever you want for dinner/dessert.

Like Anotheranon, my daughter's birthdays are generally large, gala events spanning several days and celebrated in a variety of ways.

When she was younger, we'd do all the typical kid parties (Chuckie, Build-a-Bear, swim, etc)---but over the past few years (she's now 13) we've moved to fewer friends, but a more elaborate event (Spa Day for herself and her bestie when she turned 12, taking 2 friends to stay overnight at Great Wolf Lodge most recently.

When she had bigger parties, my family would come along, but now they'll take her to lunch at a restaurant of her choice. We (me) will also have a table-full of pink presents awaiting her on her actual birthday when she gets home from school.

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