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The END is coming!

Yesterday, my kids told me that they were having parties in their respective classrooms. I interpreted that to mean that I didn't need to pack them lunches. They report they ate chips and cookies for lunch (one of them ate five cookies). *shrug*

Nine months ago, we were up at the crack of dawn each morning. I was baking a fresh loaf of bread (in a machine) almost every morning. We had fresh ground nut butters for sandwiches, assorted fruit for smoothies, mom's homemade hummus. The fridge was stocked. Today, the fridge is empty. We don't even have beer.

Nine months ago, when the classroom parents emailed announcements, I reviewed every word and made sure to make note of every calendar item. Yesterday at 10pm, I realized that today was the end-of-year picnic and I had to send my child to school with a potluck item to share.

The list goes on and on, and I had to chuckle and snort as I read "Worst End of School Year Mom Ever" because: isn't it so true?

Aren't we all waiting with bated breath for that last day of school?


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When we first received word my daughter's hardship application to da Vinci had been approved, we ran over to pick up her enrollment stuff, attended a meeting over the summer, subscribed to their newsletter by email, yapped about it all summer long, was excited for her orientation and first day, etc.

That was over a year ago (she's completing her 7th grade year)/rising 8th grader). Now I almost never read the scroll and have relished the last couple of no homework weeks we've been having. My favorite part of vacations and breaks isn't even going places or getting to sleep in----it's not having to fight about homework!

It was great to read this. I work for a school and we're having the hardest time getting parents to respond to anything right now. I think next year, we should really shoot for Memorial Day as the last day for communication on anything important.

As a parent as well, I feel lucky to "remember" all of the details flying in our face. 10 minutes before we had to leave this morning, my son remembered he needed to bring jeans and a white dress shirt for his play rehearsal. Which meant we were late for school.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

Our school did all the busy stuff in April to try to avoid end of the year crunch... so when our Little League teammates were all missing practices for stuff like school concerts, we were not busy like that. They do have things to do in class to shut down for the year which seems to be enough for them to handle in these last few weeks without also having parties and events. As a mom, I still don't really run in sync with the school year anyway (adults don't get summers free and all)... and only now in 2nd grade does the kid actually think a summer 'off' has some value- usually, he'd just rather keep on with what he's doing than make a change but he's finally caught on some to the attitudes of the others. From what I hear from other moms who were sharing this article, everyone just stops doing homework in April. We don't even have homework (indeed, not worth the fight) so it's not an issue, but the idea of only some of the class doing it and others skipping out seems rather odd (I'd have be the kid doing it and then bothered that no one cared).

@spottie, No homework seemed to start ending in late May for my daughter. In her math class, it was because they had a year end, week long final to prepare for; in her "Core" class (social studies/lit/writing) most of the focus has been on final projects for graduating 8th graders, which she'll have to do next year; ditto "Capstone" projects in her two art classes. In science, they seem to largely do the work in class (it's physical science, this year).

It also (of course) depends on the teacher, where they're at with the syllabus, etc----because I do remember last minute projects being squeezed in back in elementary school.

The kids are all still working at our school, but there is a clear and ever present summer itch going around. The kids all feel summer coming, and the parents all seem to have one foot out the door. Everyone seems to be getting lax on stuff, and the kids are having a hard time settling down and paying attention. Our family is definitely counting down this last week, and looking forward to the break. However, ten weeks from now, I suspect we will be anxious to get back to the routine!

Having two kids in two different schools and both of them with functions this week, both have field trips, locker clean ups, and picnics this Fri., I'm feeling a little disoriented. My Mother in law also planned a trip to see us during the last week of school, flying in from Atlanta so needless to say I'm ready for no homework and less of a schedule. Zumpie, my son is attending da Vinci this year as well as a sixth grader and has one last assignment due on Fri. for his core class. I try to keep up with reading the scroll, some days are better than others. I too will be relieved of the homework battles.

@Heidi, my daughter's core class does have something due, but apparently she's had it done forever (pretty simple assignment, but miraculous, never the less!). Today I learned they've been creating and setting off rockets in science. By mid next year, you'll probably NEVER read the scroll! Which isn't to say I don't think it's an awesome school, etc....just the shininess does wear off, doesn't it?

BTW, will your son do two year long arts classes next year---so he'll do Apex in lieu of dance for Phys Ed? Cause Mr. Locke takes it pretty seriously (which is good) and there are papers on healthy eating, exercise, etc due throughout the year.

Today my daughter announced she "was ready to not have to deal with all of this anymore", as she left. Which is especially entertaining since she previously whined about missing school to have lunch with various relatives for her b'day on Thursday (long story, has to be done before the school year ends)

I only have one child - a 3rd grader - but my husband is also a teacher. So, we've been feeling it in our house for awhile now.

My daughter didn't get any homework assigned last week for this week, which is making her last week fun. Last week, she only had a small amount of homework and a lot of prep for her final Japanese test. I'd say we've been lax in the homework dept since mid-May. Mostly completing it, but not with the same kind of effort/intensity as normal. She goes to Richmond, the Japanese immersion magnet, and I'd say they are pretty heavy on homework, which is a challenge for my daughter (and for us). I read the article linked to UM and laughed out loud. My daughter has been having a lot more hot lunches in the past three weeks, and she threw me in a panic two weeks ago when she said her homework was building a model bridge (but brought home no paperwork). Fortunately, this was "optional." We didn't do it.

My husband gets it on all fronts, starting in mid-May. There is the grading (which explodes because of all of the high-schoolers turning in late work), the end of the year administrative wrap up (which will go on for another week or so), the final projects and panels, graduations to attend (2), a beach trip (last Friday), the students who realized about two weeks ago that they may not graduate (lots of negotiating about projects due, etc.), the parents who haven't been paying attention who are now realizing that their kids might not graduate (surprisingly hostile!).

It's exhausting. We will all be breathing a sigh of relief mid-week next week. Then, I can just focus on my job for awhile again!

Hi Zumpie. Our son is going to be taking Dance and Drama next year. He has autism, high functioning so we thought that dance might be really beneficial for him plus we decided after seven years of Martial Arts classes to pull him out. Long story. I have to admit the schedule of stuff going on at da Vinci has been overwhelming for me. I do love the school though as well because the kids overall seem to be much kinder than what he experienced at his previous school. We had some bumpy roads this year but he really loves it there and we had some great staff working with him.

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