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urbanMama Lunch: Spring 2013

Let's lunch! We meet downtown, have some food and chat about work, kids, PTA or whatever is in your mind.

date:       Thursday, April 25th

time:        12:30 pm

location:   The Original300 SW Sixth Ave

Please RSVP by Tuesday, April 23rd in the comments. 


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I'll be there. Please keep me posted of any time/venue changes.

Looking forward to it!

I work downtown and would love to meet other urban/working mamas. Open to newbies?

Jennifer de Thomas, of course! we were all newbies at some point - every time it's a mix of new and old, you never know who might show up.... like me! ;-)

See you there!

Ne longe identigita pri via retejo kaj estas ankoraŭ jam legis kune.

Eu não sei o que dizer. Este blog é fantástico.

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