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Naked Ladies Party!

188177_559144664096953_1606564403_nWe are co-hosting a much needed mama's night out of clothes swapping

on Friday, Feb. 22 at 7:30! The super fab folks at gDiapers (2808 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland, OR 97212) are offering up their space for everyone to mingle, swap and sip. We even have a raffle or two (or more...??) up our sleeves! Come hang out with us- reconnect with your friends in the uM/ gDiapers community, check out the adorable gPants and leave with some new threads all at the same time!

-Bring a bottle of vino or a snack to share. If you can't bring a drink or snack, please bring a $5 donation.
- Bring as many clothes, shoes and accessories as you want to off-load. All sizes and maternity are encouraged! The chunk-o-change and the left over clothing will be donated to a local women's charity.
-Leave kiddos at home, unless s/he is a babe in arms (or Mya or Moby or Ergo or just generally part of your outfit). This is a mama's night out event and we want you to take a break!


See you all soon!



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Hi. Did you mean Friday the 22nd (not 23rd)? Thanks! Sounds fun.

Correct. Feb. 22! Hope you can join us.

Thank you. The last one was so great. I'm excited!

How does a clothes swap work? I bring unwanted cute clothes and then what?

The clothes are sorted in to size piles. Accessories and purses and shoes go off to their own piles on the side. When we say, "go", you rifle through the piles looking for stuff that suits you. You take your pile off to a corner and try them on. If they fit you, keep them. If they don't, put them back in the pile for someone else to try. Don't bring anything ripped or stained, that leads to great disappointment. Try not to take more items than you brought to keep things fair.

I am excited! This will be my first time going to one of these!

Yay! Just peeked at the Fbook link. I don't Fbook but I saw 36 people have RSVP'ed there. Looks like it will be a great evening!

Excited! Bring some good maternity stuff! That's what I need to take home!

I joined, It was a lot of fun! Thanks to the organizers. :)

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