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Suggestions for online mamas groups?

The urbanMamas originally met through a Yahoo! group. We certainly know the value of these connections. Katy is looking for your suggestions. She writes:

My husband and I (and our little one) are considering moving from SF to PDX. I'm wondering if you could direct me towards a Portland parent/mama yahoo type group. I tried a couple of the yahoo group links on your site, but they didn't work (maybe I was on the wrong page). I'd love to connect with other mamas/families who have moved from the Bay Area to PDX.


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Mamananda on Yahoo! is a very large network of North Portland mamas (including a couple urbanMamas). You'll have to send a request but it's definitely worth a shot. So may people in PDX from SF! :)

There's a Facebook group called Portland Mamas that might be helpful.

I'm actually looking at going the other way - from Portland to San Francisco, so if you would be willing to share your views on living in the Bay area with a toddler, would be wonderful. Personal email emailforsue@aol.com

thank you for all of the replies!
i will definitely check out mamananda and the portland mamas group.

and thank you urbanmamas for letting me guest post!


I just went the other way too! The sun was shining today!

Check out meetup.com groups. I had the best experience with 'NE moms and friends', but our kids are older now, so it is pretty much just quarterly get togethers with all of us old croneys

Katy: There's also Parenting in Portland, whose members include a lot of transplants. http://blog.oregonlive.com/themombeat/2012/12/parenting_in_portland_support.html

I was also going to suggest Parenting in Portland. It started as a Meet UP group, then went to Facebook, where there are over 500 members. It's forming a nonprofit and members can post in the forums on Big Tent.

Here's the website to get you started! http://parentinginportland.com

As a parent of two young children, going anywhere is an all day event in itself! The day begins with enthusiasm and patience, an organized diaper bag thoughtfully prepared for such emergencies as spills, bacteria, wardrobe changes and boredom.

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