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mama lunch: Thurs., Jan 17

Let's meet for lunch and chat about the holidays, winter, kids, work, or whatever is on your mind.

date: Thurs., Jan 17th

time: 12:30

location: Brasserie Monmartre at  626 SW Park Avenue.

Please RSVP in the comments and I will make a reservation.



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I'll be there and make the reservation.

Mmm, truffle fries. I'm planning to be there.

Oh, I have a meeting down town that afternoon, maybe I'll be able to make it?! I'll let you know.

Tentative. I haven't been to something UrbanMama-related in years, but I'd like to make/revive some connections, and you all are practically coming to me! Only problem is that I'm starting a new job and this would be a pretty long lunch break...

I've never been to an UrbanMama event, are kiddos included in this lunch??

hi Annie ~ Kids have been to lunch before. /courtney

Sorry I can't make it. Hope you schedule another one soon. Have a good time!

Courtney, I may be able to make it! hurrah!

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