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Today is my birthday

Yes, that's right!  And, Saturday will be another urbanMamas birthday.  SO: What do YOU, my dear mama friends, typically do for your birthday?  How do you celebrate?  What does your family do for you? 


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My Bday was this past weekend and in our house we celebrate our birthdays, our lives.
My kids surprised me with a puppet show they made up. It was awesome. Then they took me out for dinner and the very next day I flew to visit my best friend. I could not have asked for a better birthday weekend.
I am happy to be 36 and enjoying my birthday!

and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I wanted this post to go first. I hope you are enjoying it! Get spoiled!

Birthdays are the one day you can go to a restaurant and not worry if your kids will like the food. But make sure you feed them before or after! For me, it's Thai. And I get to choose the events of the day. Since it is the summer, I love to go to the gorge.

Happy Birthday! It depends, I usually get to choose the activity with my entire family and go to lunch and stuff.

My ideal and typical birthday is a spa day followed by dinner out with my husband.

I don't have something I typically do. Mine is coming up a week from Sunday and I have no idea what to do. I like to mark the day somehow. I just don't always like coming up with the ideas myself. My husband is currently insanely busy with no time to get creative about it. However, my dad and his wife will be in town - maybe we can all do something special-ish together.

What I want? Ice cream cake. What I get? Ice cream cake. Happy Birthday!

Usually on my birthday my kids fight more than usual & are generally awful, sensing that the day is not all about them for once. But this year, on my 40th birthday, they were wonderful! They drew me pictures & we went out to eat-no big whoop. But it was just so nice to spend the evening together nicely; that's all I could want.

My birthday is close to Christmas/New Years. Plenty of treats then so not worried about making myself a cake. I like to have Happy Birthday sung with plenty of hugs and kisses. Husband is getting better about having some little surprise- a sweet, flowers, a meal or drink out. Can't say what this year will bring, but 40! is soon, have to get away from my house for a serious recharge.

All I want is to sleep in and have a breakfast or lunch prepared by my chuildren and husband. I guess I am low maintanance but that's honestly all I want.

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