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Progesterone Levels & Pregnancy

An urbanMamas recently emailed:

I have a question and wonder if any urbanMamas already know the answer. I have heard, anecdotally, that some doctors and midwives want to check a woman's progesterone levels as soon as she finds out she's pregnant so she can get on hormonal support if necessary. Other offices don't want to see her until 7-10 weeks in. I just found out I'm pregnant (yay!) after a previous early miscarriage, and I think I'd like to find a doctor/midwife who would be willing to see me now and get some bloodwork done to test hormone levels. I'm not sure how to find that person though! Does anyone know - who is willing to test progesterone early in pregnancy in Portland?


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My midwife tested my progesterone after ovulation, when we were trying to conceive, to make sure all was in order. We didn't do that once I was pregnant, though; It's my understanding there's mixed evidence on whether supplementing can actually help a pregnancy stick (i.e., there are likely stronger factors at play that result in early losses). But she would certainly have the ability. Jen Gibbons, ND on NE Broadway. And she's all around wonderful.

Dr Sam Can do that for you. She is amazing!

A perinatologist would do this too. I saw Dr Pereria at OHSU

I saw Dr. Phillip Patton at OHSU and he put me on progesterone after two consecutive miscarriages. My little boy is 2.5 yrs old now:) Best of luck to you. Also, dose he recommended was totally different from what OB gyn had recommended.

I can second all the perinatologists at OHSU (Dr. Pereria is great) as well as Dr. Patton who is in the fertility consultants at OHSU. Dr. Patton was willing to see me earlier than the perinatologists were, but I was a previous patient. Best of luck!

I can only add my support for OHSU's staff - I use their midwives, and they are top rate. Low progesterone is a leading cause of early miscarriage, and is largely correctable. You're absolutely right to look into it after a previous loss. Congrats and best of luck for a healthy pregnancy!

Hello, and Congratulations!!! I have assisted many women with fertility and keeping a strong and healthy pregnancy after a miscarriage. I am Joy Jech CPM, LDM a licensed midwife with Blosssom Midwifery in SE Portland. We could certainly test your progesterone levels and there is a lot more that goes into keeping a pregnancy healthy and strong that I like to address as early on in pregnancy as possible. Come on in for a free initial consultation. I would love to meet you! You can check out my website at www.blossommidwifery.com . Feel free to call me at 503-522-4545

The midwives at OHSU would be certified nurse midwives, or CNMs, rather than CPMs. You may already know this, but there is a big difference in the way CNMs and CPMs are educated, licensed and insured, especially in Oregon. If you don't already know this, it might be important to you to check it out.

My OB/GYN at Bridgeview Women's Health on the Legacy Good Samaritan campus tested me for progesterone early on and I had to take supplements in the beginning of my pregnancy. I'm now 31 weeks with a healthy baby boy!

Dr. Farley at West Linn Family Health Center. Family docs are the best!

Dr. Carol Suzuki at Bridgeview Women's Health (Legacy Good Samaritan) tested my beta levels after a pregnancy after miscarriage. And then for my subsequent pregnancy with my second child. I highly recommend Bridgeview and Dr. S. Excellent doctor and practice.

Dr. Patton at OHSU tested me immediately as well (the next day after my positive home pregnancy test). He put me on supplements immediately, even before the results came back. He would have liked to start me after ovulation, but I kept missing the exact day I was supposed to get my blood drawn.

Google your problem for the solution. This isn't properly useful but you will get some ideas.

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