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Happy Father's Day! What are your family traditions?

Today was Father's Day, and we didn't much in the way of celebrating the father in *my* kids' life; they made cards and sent them off to Kuwait. I love the idea of celebrating other fathers, though, and we got to hang out with some of our favorite other-people's-dads at the Disaster Relief Trials. As we rode home and did our evening things, I noticed how many dads I saw with their kids, even doing errands. It struck me that, while many mothers choose to spend some time alone on Mother's Day (and the tradition is for mom not to have to cook anything on her day), it's more common for men to spend their day in non-stop daddy mode (and, if you're going to be like the dads on TV, cooking food on the grill).

As I'm temporarily without male partner, I can observe the Father's Day crush from a distance. While I was shaking my head at the display ads at Trader Joe's for hot dogs and beer for Dad, I have a feeling the cliche is just what my husband would love were he here. Next year, I thought, I'll buy a bunch of hot dogs and microbrews and a bag of charcoal and he'll be so happy!

How did you celebrate Father's Day? Do you have the traditions that fit the end-of-aisle displays? Or do you do something unique to your own family? If you're a blended family or you are separated from your children's other parent, how does that work out?


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I hardly ever write comments on blogs, but your article urged me to praise your blog. Thanks for the read, I will surely favorite your site and check in occasionally. Cheers.
Little Millennium

the father of my kids lives on the east coast and they have very little contact with him. he doesn't reach out and encourage the kids to celebrate my birthday nor does he acknowledge mother's day so father's day has turned into a celebration for my dad (my kids' poppa). they make him cards that say things like, "you're the best dad EVER!" there's usually little to no reference of his role as a grandfather, which i think is sweet and sad. they recognize his importance in their lives and mine.

we also celebrate other men who have enhanced our lives.

this is a far cry from the father's day celebration that used to happen in years past. we always bbq'd and went for a family bike ride. if the weather was good, we'd go play at the river. and he always got a mid-day nap....

I like the idea of celebrating the men in your life who are "father-like." My daughter does not have a "dad" and therefore not a "grandpa" on that side, and my dad died 2 1/2 years ago, so no dad figures there, but we have a close male friend who gets all of our attention on Father's Day. If you ask my daughter who her father is, she will tell you his name. She decided this on her own about 2 years ago, although she knows that he is not her father, and is closer in age to being her grandpa!

Today was Father's Day, and we didn't much in the way of celebrating the father in *my* kids' life; they made cards and sent them off to Kuwait. I love the idea of ...

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