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SUN Schools in Peril: Rally Wednesday 9 a.m.

Cuts have been threatened to Multnomah County's SUN programs at local schools. For those of you who don't take advantage of these programs, they're often seen as a very inexpensive extended-day option for parents and kids, and have a variety of other evening and weekend programs as well. I have boys at both Bridger and Grout, two SUN schools. I know they're not supposed to be considered as child care (so say the fliers that go home with my kids), but honestly, that's what a lot of parents do. And it is surely a positive option for many families; the kids get structure and an energetic, fun staff and the parents don't have to make tough decisions about what to do between 2:15 and 5 p.m.

Well, these programs are up for funding cuts. I got an email from one of the PTA organizations and thought I'd pass along this information:

Just a heads up about a SUN rally at City Hall (1221 SW 4th Ave) this Wednesday morning at 9:00am (PPS late start, kids are welcome!) Wear Yellow, bring signs (we'll have some yellow signs to hand out in case folks don't have them). People have already signed up to provide testimony that morning. We'll support them in the City Hall Chamber (they begin at 9:30am). Remember, there are strict rules of conduct in City Chambers, quiet visible support in the chambers is expected.

I hope that, if you support the SUN programs and have time before the late opening, you'll be able to go by and lend your "quiet visible support"!


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Great turn out for SUN Schools today! KATU just aired a great piece covering our rally in their 4 o'clock show. Here's a link from OPB's news, a great piece by Rob Manning. http://news.opb.org/article/students-and-parents-protest-sun-schools-cuts/
Keep it coming, folks! Write your Mayor and Commissioners! We can save SUN for all of our kids! (My son attends Roseway Heights School and we LOVE SUN at RWH! Every school needs a SUN School!) Like and share our Save SUN Schools page on facebook!

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