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Happy Earth Day! Where do you dig?

It's Earth Day, and many local schools are celebrating by having work parties in their rain gardens or school vegetable gardens or compost bins. We're headed to Grout today, where the garden has been greatly expanded by a lot of work (and machinery) last weekend. We're so impressed! We'll probably do the smallest bit of work there -- planting things on this gorgeous day while the littles swing and run on the rocks.

It's a hard balance, though, as I'd rather spend the whole day in *my* yard uprooting the copious weeds and digging and figuring out where to get some free dirt (got extra? bring it over!). I want to plant peas, even though I'm a bit late, and lettuces and radishes and beets and kale. I can't wait to start harvesting more than I have this winter out of my garden -- just a bit of chard and green garlic and lots of herbs. So when we get back from Grout that's what I'll do, harvest nettles for quiche (this nettle quiche recipe, no pine nuts), slay a few blackberry vines and burdocks and uproot as much mint as possible.

How do you decide where to devote your gardening efforts on this and other gorgeous weekend days: your child's school garden, or your own? If you have two or more different school gardens competing for your energies, what will you do?


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It's never too late for peas. Just sayin'... :)

Sorry for the aside, but since I'm not much of a gardener I was focused on that pokemon shirt, which my son would absolutely love. Nice one!

Maybe with nicer weather ahead there will be time and space to garden more everywhere!

We spend a glorious hour at the Bethany Nursery on SW 185th yesterday and bought some beautiful color points for our yard. It would have been a beautiful day for planting, but instead it was spent just enjoying being outdoors with good friends. We did have our wonderful 3rd annual Garden Fair at Lewis Elementary School on Saturday. Nice turnout, nice plants and vendors, and a beautiful afternoon to be thinking about the Earth! I am so proud of the garden at our school and that it will continue to thrive despite recent news of school budget cuts.

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