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Giveaway: Old Wives' Tale $30 Gift Certificate

OWT LogoThe lovely people at Old Wives' Tale Restaurant are giving away a $30 gift certificate for a family dinner! 

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I didn't want to post on the giveaway thread because I don't want this one, but I was surprised to see how many people like that place. I am not trying to be snarky at all. But seriously - what do you guys see in that place?

Our experience:

* Food is gross - I could do better at home, and I am a terrible cook.
* Bathrooms were disgusting - I seriously thought about just taking my 5 year old out to the car and slipping on a pull up to do her business, because the bathroom so so stinking gross.
* service was awful - took forever to get our bill.
* The "playroom" is run down, stained and smelly/stale

And, I have literally, never, had anyone else tell me in person that they like that place.

Did I just go on a bad day? ew.

I think your standards might be a little different. And food is so subjective. I've been recently a couple of times and definitely would not categorize the bathrooms as disgusting. To each her/her own. :)

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