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working mama lunch: Spring 2012

I seemed to have missed the winter lunch and now spring break is just around the corner. So let’s meet the first week of April to talk kids, work, spring break - whatever is on your mind. As I am not feeling adventuresome or creative just now - we are headed back to Red Star Tavern. Details:

Working Mama Lunch

Thursday, April 5th

12:30 pm

Red Star Tavern @  SW 5th and SW Alder

Hope to see you there. /courtney


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I'll be there and make the reservation.

Woot! I was missing our gatherings, since I had to pass on the last one. I will be there!
Many thanks for organizing!

This sounds lovely. I've heard about y'all for a while now, and I'm excited to meet you in person and share what I do to make fitness more accessible and healing for new mamas. It's on my calendar!

Hope to be able to make it! It's been awhile!

I'm planning to join you :)

I will be there.

I will bring Michelle along as well. See you tomorrow!

Is it true?! I have no meetings on my calendar at this time. I am taking it as a sign. If it's not too late to RSVP, I'll be there!

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