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Mama's Clothing Exchange: Come One, Come (Sat. Feb. 25)

1862304113_f5788f0682_bThere's still time to RSVP! We have between 50-75 mamas coming! It's been awhile since we've organized an event of epic proportions and we have a feeling this is one of those events. Back in 2007, we held one our biggest clothing exchanges and it was where I befriended Brooke. Brooke had a special passion for the Goodwill Bins and a knack for seeing a diamond in the rough. So when the opportunity arose, she started the Just Between Friends franchise here in Portland. We have been so busy in the past few years rearing our third children and juggling work that community gatherings have been sparse. If you haven't been to one, here's your chance! We are teaming with Just Between Friends to host the clothing exchange of the year. 

You, yes you. All of you mamas are cordially invited to our next Naked Mamas gathering! Bring your gently used clothing, shoes and accessories to swap with other mamas. Any remaining items post-swap will be donated to a good cause. Please kindly leave the kids at home as this is your night to enjoy.  Come meet old friends, new friends, and bring home a fresh outfit for the wardrobe. Please RSVP in the comments as we are planning to provide some nibbles. 

When: Saturday, February 25th

Where: NoPo Lucky Lab, Party Room, 1700 N Killingsworth

Time: 7 pm


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I would like to rsvp for the clothing exchange on feb 25th. I will also have one mama friend coming with me.

I will try to make it!

yes. HELL YES.

I have one kid's birthday that day but I'll try to make it!

Yes, please!! I already have a huge box of awesome clothes all ready to go.

So, maybe I'm new to this but what are the give/take guidelines? Only take equivalent to what you bring? I've had naked lady parties at a few friends houses and each had a different set of "rules", I'd just like to know what to expect. Thanks!

I can't wait! What a great idea.

Yay! I wouldn't miss it! Just bagged up some great clothes!

Heck to the yes.

I'm I can convince hubby to bring me, I might make it over. And I'll be donating waaaay more (I like to shop) than I'll be taking! :-)

Me, me, me!!

I LOVE clothing swaps. I'll be there!!!!

In the past we have not had any rules as there is so much left over for donations and everyone is really, really polite. Rules? Uh, you MUST have fun? Seriously though, not sure what rules or guidelines we should use :-)

yes! i'm bringing a friend or two!

I would like to RSVP...Thanks!

Yes I would love to do this!

Yes, I can definitely use a beer with some neighborhood mama's and new old clothes!

I am RSVP'ing +1

Sounds wonderful to me! I am gonna be there and maybe bring a friend.

Sounds like fun to this mama-to-be. I might wrangle a friend to join.

I am planning to be there.

RSVPing for me +1

I 'm a definite yes plus a friend. Thanks!

I would love to join in!

RSVP for 1; thanks!

yes yes yes! Will be there!

Yes, plus 2 other mamas!


RSVP + 1!

i'm gonna try to be there! thx.

I need this -- yes! Baby weight while breastfeeding has me surviving on a pair of maternity pants and 2 pairs of pants from the Bins.

Ditto on the babyweight and breastfeeding comment above! I'd like to try and attend!

Love the idea! I will try to be there!

Will be there!

I will be there!! Me and my 4 year old if that's OK?

No kids allowed misty

Above comment

I would like to RSVP for 1 :)

RSVP for 2 mamas!

I would like to RSVP for the event, Thanks!

Definitely coming. May bring my 18 year old daughter.. she's not a mom but she's full grown and loves to swap.

Two of us will be there tonight.

That was a FABULOUS EVENT! Thank you so, SO MUCH for hosting it!

It was a great evening. My daughter and I got some cute stuff.

It was amazing, I had such a great time. How often does UrbanMamas host these?

Not often enough!

when is the next one of those!! sounds perfect!!!

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