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Friday Giveaway: Whole Foods Chocolate Sampler

Whole-foods-market-logoWhole Foods is giving away a sampling of some of the chocolates they carry and just in time for Valentine's Day! Leave a comment below (with your email address) and let us know: milk or dark?

The giveaway closes on Sunday and the winner will be able to pick up their yummy loot at the Fremont location.


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no question about it - dark chocolate it is!

Yes, Dark Chocolate!

I'm not too proud to say milk OR dark. I love it all!

Dark is best!!

Dark chocolate with a cup of coffee is my weekness.

Dark! Dang, wish I could win.

I like milk.... unpopular maybe but that's just how I roll.

Dark ! (though won't scoff at milk either)

Dark. Definitely dark.

The darker the better!!!

Both :)

Oh dark chocolate anywhere, any time.

If it isn't dark it isn't chocolate!

Yum, I need chocolate. I vote dark, though I also never say no to milk.


Milk. I know it's not very grown up of me, but oh-so-delicious.

Milk is my fav

Milk Chocolate all the way!

I like both, but tend to go towards dark.


both obviously! dark when I want to feel healthy or energised, and milk when I crave something sweet. always good chocolate though. can't stand the bad stuff. if I indulge, I do it properly!

Both! It depends on my mood.

Dark! For sure!

Both dark and milk!


Dark! with red wine :)

Dark please.

Milk...As long as it's real and fair trade!

healthy and scrumptous DARK CHOCOLATE please!

Honestly, I will gladly nom on either one. Drooooool!!!!!!!!

dark for me; milk for my husband!

Dark all the way.

Dark, though I'm a recent convert from milk!

Dark, for sure!


I enjoy both but dark is usually better.

Dark, please!

Definitely Dark! Mmmmm....chocolate!

Chocolate, means dark, for sure! Always a valentine's slam dunk for my sweetie.

Dark, dark and more dark. But my husband likes milk.

Dark would be delightful! jillgolds at hotmail

No question, dark!

Dark, Dark..good for the heart. ;)

Dark dark dark.

Dark is my fave, preferably with an almond inside it, but milk chocolate makes me happy too! :)


Dark! Milk! All!

We all like DARK in our home!!

dark chocolate, 72% is the perfect creation.



milk please!


Milk for maximum sugar!

Dark, please!


I love both as well. I'm an equal opportunity chocoholic.

Milk or semi sweet. None of that ultra dark for me.


Would happily eat both but dark chocolate with red wine is the best!


The darker the better!

Milk please!

milk chocolate with a side of dark please!

Definitely dark!!

Mm, milk it is. Yum. <3

I know dark is better for me but I am a sucker for milk.


Dark please!


Definitely dark! Although I wouldn't refuse milk. :)

Dark but kinda have a sweet spot for milk (pun intended)

Dark, not that I am likely to say no to milk either! ;-)

milk or dark Yes please!!

I'm a dark fan!

Dark but I'll take any!

The contest is closed and the winner has been notified. Thanks for participating everyone!

Dark chocolate for me!!

Thanks for posting this information on your site. I love it, and I am certain everybody will as well

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