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Monday class scheduling blues

Monday, Monday! Can't trust that day.

I should know by now, after having considered this topic week after week last November and January in the days leading up to the LEGO competition -- LEGO club was Mondays and Wednesdays after school, and thank goodness for the Wednesdays, because some weeks that was the only day club met.

Monroe is going to "speech group" as part of the services he receives from Multnomah County ESD. It's great; he adores his teacher and the other members of his class are sweet kids. He looks so forward to it each week. I love it, too, because even though it's 45 minutes it makes a nice routine for me -- I run during his class so I know I have a guaranteed weekly 4-some miler. No excuses possible.

But, it's on Mondays! I forgot how inauspicious this day was until PPS gave its students that extra day of break on January 2nd. Monroe missed the first day of the year and he'll miss next week, too, for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Lucky Thursday kids; they get to meet every single week in January.

So if you're contemplating which day to put your child in a class that meets according to the public school calendar, be warned: every other day (every other day!) every other day of the week is fine...


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As a teacher I feel you. It is the same issue with Fridays!

Yep, I have a kid who gets ESD services on Mondays. It blows.

We have PE on Fridays only... we have missed probably half of them, it sure seems... we had something like 5 3-day weeks in a row in the fall (our conferences were Fridays, not a whole week off). Then there was the day so much went wrong the teacher couldn't run PE, the holiday craft day, etc. I wonder if hte kids who get it on other days get it more often than us? We have to share, that's why we can't have it 2 days, though that would be nice because hten we would likely only get it 1!

My son will be starting the speech classes soon and I'm so glad that I just caught this! I want him to get the most of his services with ESD.

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