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Happy New Years, Resolutionaries!

I'm sure my friend Brandy didn't make up the word "resolutionaries," but I saw it first on her Facebook page and so we're going with that. "Resolutionaries: people who you see in the gym in January." It's not just in the gym, of course, but shopping for vegetables instead of candy bars and filling the coffee shops with their laptops, writing a screenplay, maybe, and taking walks with their kids.

As 2012 dawned beautifully today, I ran up to Mt. Tabor and it was like those gorgeous 80-degree Sundays in June -- you know the ones. The ones that happen every few years, when everyone has taken a walk with their spouses and their children and their friends -- generations of family with walking sticks and strollers, on foot and on bikes. People were everywhere, running and holding hands and laughing. New Seasons was entirely out of organic black-eyed peas. It will be an auspicious year. (Mine will have to be auspicious with white northern beans and chili beans -- thank goodness I'm only affectionately superstitious.)

 I'm a little woozy with resolutions. I make some, but often I don't make them right away, or just promise myself to commit a little better to things I'm already doing. Like running: I try to always run on New Year's Day, but often I've run on New Year's Eve as well, and (if things are looking up) a few times on Christmas week. My cycles of commitment don't so much follow the Roman calendar as they do the school calendar and my own personal cycles.

But still. I've committed to a few things that seem perfect for the new year, and so far so good. I won't promise to do these every day all year. But I'm trying to become more consistent, more present, more focused at:

  • Baking bread. I started a big batch of no-knead bread on Christmas Eve -- I'm doing another tonight.
  • Writing for myself first. Instead of starting each session of writing (and, if auspicion shines around me, each morning) with a piece of writing for pay or for a blog like this, I'll write something that pleases me, even if it's just a few sentences. (I did it tonight!)
  • Getting up before my kids. It was pretty easy today (there has been some major, major sleep deprivation in our house). But even if it's 20 minutes or so earlier, getting up first makes such a difference in my day and my ability to be present for the boys.
  • Doing things instead of waiting for someone else to __. I've been waiting for someone to help me with the living room painting. Someone to help me fix the front gate and the window. Someone to fix the ceiling so I could clean off those shelves. Etc. Etc. Today I cleaned off those shelves! And I'm almost done with the living room painting. And there will be more...
  • Asking for help. I'm never good at it. I've been trying...
  • Saying "yes" to friends. I say "maybe" a lot and know that means "no." I'm going to try to say "yes" more. Three so far in the past few weeks have warmed my heart!

Are you a resolutionary or a committed life-changer each new year or a more (umm?) creative cycle follower like me? What will this year bring, you hope, for you?


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I have taken on getting rid of crap in my house. The clothes I haven't worn for a year? Going. The toys my daughter never plays with? Gone. The hand lotion that looks pretty on the shelf but has never been broken? Gone. When I say gone, I mean, sitting in a big pile in the hallway, in boxes, bags and loose, waiting to be loaded into the car to go to Goodwill. I've already made one trip and got my 2011 receipt. It will be nice to get my 2012 receipt really early and not procrastinate. My next resolution will be to get the stuff from my hallway to the car, and not wait for December 31 again!

I meant the lotion had never been *opened* not broken! I actually do throw away broken things!

@debby - I have a bag/box in each room to fill for goodwill/consignment. Fill as you go, drop off when full. I am working this week on my 2012 goals and to dos. Will share more later.

My goal for 2012 is to show more patience and compassion for myself. I'm sure I'm not the only mama out there who expects a lot out of herself and sometimes focuses a bit too much on what she has not accomplished rather than what she has accomplished.

And for those of you who have made decluttering and organizing your home your New Year's goal, may I humbly suggest you check out my blog for tips and inspiration. It's kind of my thing. http://respacedpdx.com/blog/

To (re)start attending yoga regularly! Kind of a boring resolution, but oh so needed in my life.

For those of you looking to get rid of excess "stuff" in 2012...here is a wonderful organization that will find a new home and families for all of it! They give items donated directly to families in need.


kmw, than you so much for the plug for community warehouse. I have it on good authority that they are VERY low on things. My clients go there a lot, and we have been told that it's not worth it right now because there is really nothing there. They could use furniture and household items, like lamps, sheets, towels, silverware, etc.

Another note on donating, I find that it's often hard to get my kids and the donations boxes out of the house at the same time. The Vietnam Veterans of America will pick up your items the next day from your porch, driveway, etc. You can schedule the pickup online:
They pick up everything (you don't need to be home) and leave you a tax deduction receipt!

KMW and Debby, thanks for the reminder and update about Community Warehouse. This is such sad news. CW is a favorite among my fellow professional organizers, so I will get the word out to them that CW needs donations quite badly. I'm sure other organizers would be happy to get the word out to their client base and encourage them to donate there after decluttering their homes.

And I can certainly encourage my own client base to donate their unwanted household items to CW. I'll post about it via all my social media outlets tonight. I'm sure we can help CW restock for needy families if enough people remember them during their organizing ventures this new year.

Mine is drinking more water... super lame, but totally making me feel great! After a couple days, I have woken up feeling super hydrated instead of parched.

The other is just spending more energy on me. I often neglect myself for everyone and that needs to stop. I need to take a few minutes everyday and relax, read, exercise... my body and brain need it!

I have pledged to make myself a salad for lunch every day that I work (three days a week). Yes, for health reasons, but also for the reason that erinj mentions -- doing something for myself. Making myself a really delicious salad for lunch that I can enjoy for a few minutes is a way I can both take care of myself emotionally and physically.

So far, I am 3 for 3 this week. Yea!

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