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urbanMamas Adopt-a-Family 2011

UPDATED: 12/9! This effort is headed by a great uM volunteer -- we're so thrilled to have her help!

Last year, the urbanMama community adopted a family in need for the holidays. The response from so many urbanMama families was overwhelming - we managed to give our adopted family everything that they needed and wanted on their wish list! So this year, we're sponsoring another family for Christmas 2011 -the S. family.

The S. family has 5 children, ages 10, 7, and 4 months. (The father has two other children, 5 and 7 year old boys, who come to visit every other weekend. According to the caseworker, as the two boys won't be celebrating Christmas at their house, the primary focus will be on the other three children, although they would appreciate a few gifts for the two other boys as well. Currently, we don't have wish lists for these two boys, but we'll post that information when we find out.) They are supported solely by Shantae's part-time position as a breastfeeding peer counselor and unfortunately, budget cuts have reduced her hours. Arthur works in construction, but has been struggling to find work in this economy. The ability to provide Christmas gifts will be particularly difficult this year given the mom's reduced work hours and with the addition of a new baby. Also, Rico's 11th birthday is only 2 days after Christmas, so if possible, it would be a lovely surprise if we are able to provide him with a few birthday presents. The family's wish lists are listed below.

We've teamed up with the same organization that we worked with last year, the Christmas Family Adoption Foundation. (They were called the Family Assistance Foundation, but recently had to change their name due to another US organization having the same name.) They are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with no religious affiliations. There are no self nominations - each family is nominated by groups such as the Housing Authority, Head Start, Clackamas and Multnomah County Developmental Disability departments, etc.

I know that times are hard for everyone, but this is such a wonderful opportunity to truly help a family who otherwise may not have anything for Christmas and it also sends such a positive message to our kids about the spirit of giving. And as an added bonus --- all donations are tax deductible!

When you decide what item(s) that you will be able to donate, please let me know by posting a comment, so that we can update the list to let people know which gifts are already spoken for. Also, your name and phone/email address would be helpful, so that I can send out reminders, etc. If you don't feel comfortable posting your contact info on the uM website, feel free to contact me directly with that info.

I am hoping to have all of the gifts by mid-December. Like last year, I'm planning on having a gift wrapping event, most likely the weekend of the 17th and 18th. I will update everyone with information about the date, time, and location as soon as I find a place. If you have any suggestions about locations, which may be willing to let us hold our event there, please let me know. Kids are welcome - last year they had a blast helping wrap gifts! Donations of tape, ribbons, gift tags, wrapping paper, scissors and other wrapping supplies would also be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to all who will be able to donate. All donations are much appreciated and no donation is too small (or large)!

Feel free to either leave a comment on the website if you have any questions, comments, etc.

S. Family Wish List:

  • 1. Safeway gift cards totaling $125 (The Christmas Family Adoption Foundation asks that each sponsoring group provide the families with $25 per person worth of gift cards to their nearest grocery store in order for the family to buy items for a holiday meal and use for any other family holiday traditions.) Averil
  •  2. Blender
  • 3. Chess board  Peace
  • 4. DVD player Lindsay

Family member requests

  Mom - Shantae (age 33):

  Coat size - 14 Aimee
  Pant size - 14
  Shirt size - Large Sarah C.
  Shoe size - 11  Sara
  Pajama size - Large
  Bed size - Queen
  Bedding color preference - not listed

  Mom - Shantae (age 33) wish list:

  1. Jeans
  2. Shirts
  3. Candles um
  4. Shoes


  Dad - Arthur (age 38):

  Coat size - XL Peace 
  Pant size - 36x34 um 
  Shirt size - XL um
  Shoe size - 12
  Pajama size - XL
  Bed size - Queen
  Bedding color preference - grey or brown

  Dad - Arthur (age 38) wish list:
  1. long johns
  2. sweats
  3. jeans
  4. work boots
  5. socks um

  Child 1 - Rico (10 year old boy)

  Coat size - 12/14 Trina
  Pant size - 10/12 Trina
  Shirt size - L Trina
  Shoe size - 7 um
  Pajama size - 10/12
  Bed size - twin
  Bedding color preference - blue


  Child 1 - Rico (10 year old boy) wish list:

  1. art supplies  Sharai
  2. drawing paper Sharai
  3. shirts um
  4. shoes
  5. Legos (Megan) Legos in Birthday wrapping Joan 

Rico turns 11 on December 27th, so it would be awesome if we could manage to give him a few extra gifts for his birthday - wrapped in birthday paper, of course! ;-)

  Child 2 - Naimah (7 year old girl)

  Coat size - 6/7 Trina
  Pant size - 6/7 Trina
  Shirt size - Small Trina
  Shoe size - 4 Sarah
  Pajama size - 6/7
  Bed size - twin Trina
  Bedding color preference - purple Trina

  Child 2 - Naimah (7 year old girl) wish list

  1. Barbies Trina
  2. dolls Emily
  3. books  Sara, Sharai
  4. jeans Trina
  5. underwear Emily
  6. socks
  7. shoes

  Child 3 - Seron (4 month old boy)

  Coat size - 6-9 months
  Pant size - 6-9 months
  Shirt size - 6-9 months Andrea
  Shoe size - 2 
  Pajama size - 6-9 months um
  Bed size - crib
  Bedding color preference - black

  Child 3 - Seron (4 month old boy)

  1. baby toys um 
  2. diapers Andrea, Jessica
  3. wipes Jessica, Joan
  4. shoes
  5. socks Andrea
  6. hats um 
  7. shirts

  Elias - 5 year old boy
  coat - 5/6 
  pant - 5/6 Jessica
  shirt - 5/6 Joan
  shoe - 12
  PJ - 5/6

  Elias (5 year old boy)

  1.  Trucks Trina
  2. motorcycles Emily

  Shakai - 7 year old boy

  Coat size - 8 
  Pant size - 7 Jessica
  Shirt size - 7/8 Jessica
  Shoe size - 3 
  PJ size - 7/8 Joan 

  Shakai wish list:

  1. pillow pet um
  2. LEGOS

Additional Info:

1. If you'd like to make a monetary donation, which will be used to buy gifts, you can send money via Paypal to urbanmamas [@] gmail.com. Please note in the memo: Adopt a Family 2011

2. Gift wrapping event - Saturday, Dec 17th, 3-4:30pm, Cafe au Play, 5633 SE Division St., Portland [We will be inside and out of the cold.]

3. Drivers --- looking for someone who can transport the gifts to the Christmas Family Adoption Foundation in Oregon City on either Monday, Dec. 19th or Tuesday, Dec. 20th (they'd need to coordinate with the person who is housing the gifts about when it would be a good time for them to pick up the gifts from their house)


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We would love to pick up a Lego set for Rico!

I will do Naimah's clothes, bedding and some Barbie stuff.

Is there a way to donate on paypal if we don't have time to actually shop/wrap, etc.?

I will buy Shantae a shirt.

I will buy some diapers and clothing items for the baby.

What a wonderful thing to do for this family...adopting them ...blessings

I will cover Naimah's shoes and books.

I'll get art supplies & paper. And books.

My kids and I would love to help wrap (as we did last year). Maybe the Kennedy School Community room? Or a library meeting room?

I'll get the socks and shirts for Seron. Thanks for organizing!

I'll bring an XL coat for the dad, the chess board & some odds & ends.

I'll buy mama a coat.

I'll get wipes for Seron, a shirt for Elias, and PJs for Shakai.

I have gotten Naimah

2 pairs of shoes

We will get a doll and underwear for Naimah.

I have a small Lego gift for Rico in birthday wrapping.

Here is the list of items I purchased:

Naimah - a coat, 2 pants (1 jeans), 2 shirts, pullover, bedding and two barbie things.

Elias - small set of trucks.

Rico -coat, jeans, and a shirt.

See you on saturday and thanks again for organizing!

I will buy all of the Safeway cards. I will contact you to get them delivered to the proper person as I am probably not available on Sat. for the wrapping party. Thanks!

I cannot attend the wrapping party on saturday. Where can I drop off items before that (thurs p.m. or sat a.m.?)? Anywhere in inner NE would be especially convenient. :)

I'll bring some gift wrapping supplies, but if you have any extra to bring, that would be great. Also some loaner scissors...

I have mana's coat and il drop it off on Saturday.

Thanks Vita, I'll email you. I have underwear and a doll for Naimah and a truck with motorcycles for Elias.

I got Shakai 2 shirts and I got Elias 2 shirts and pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt. I also have some diapers and wipes for Seron.

I will get some Legos for Shakai and a blender for the family and bring them by the gift wrapping event @ Cafe Au Play. Cheers!

Sheets for Rico and parents are taken care of, as are dad's shoes. I also picked up a baby toy and some clothes for Seron and another Lego set for Rico.

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