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Merry Christmas! How was your holiday?

And a very merry Christmas to you, too! We celebrated with all the normal traditions: the cookie decorating with cousins, opening a single present on Christmas Eve (we, in keeping with my family-of-origin's tradition, start with a reading of the Christmas story from the Bible -- not so much in keeping with my family's tradition, this year I read from bible.cc), the excited evening in preparation of many great presents, the early rising (mine not so bad as others!), the stockings, the presents ripped open more or less one at at time, the fancy breakfast of homemade cinnamon rolls. The afternoon of quiet present-play.

Daddy bought a Wii for the kids for Christmas, and I arranged for my boys to "buy" me a game; Kirby's Epic Yarn. A game about knitting! What could be better! When we realized that Everett's much-anticipated game, Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword, needed an extra device (the MobilePlus extension for the remote, in case you're also suffering with a Wii stuck on the screen that tells you to plug your nunchuk device into your remote and... and...), so instead the boys spent the afternoon playing that sweet textural game. I even got a long run while my sister-in-law hung out with the boys and the new toys.

We skipped the big family dinner -- Monroe even fell asleep while I was finishing up the (still fancy but not shared with my extended family) pork loin I'd bought last summer and had waiting in the freezer for just the right moment. We're going to have the most fantastic leftovers for Boxing Day!

How was your Christmas? Did you go traditional or break with the usual and do something special/unique/low-key? Did you get a pile of gifts for your kids or just a few things? What surprised you? What disappointed you? What will you remember always?

One remember-always memory for me: the gift Monroe opened Christmas Eve was a little Duplo cement truck I'd bought from Daisies and Dinos, the thrift store connected to my buying club (so we visit a lot). It cost $4. When he opened it, he told me "I wanted this SO MUCH! This is the BEST Christmas present ever! You are the BEST MOM EVER." I think I'm going to wrap *that* up with a bow and just let it sit there on my mantel, always.


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