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working mama lunch: December 15 - updated location

Let’s get together to chat about the holidays, PTA, vacation, work, kids - whatever is on your mind.

date:        Thursday, December 15

time:         12:30 pm

location:   LOCATION CHANGED AS OF 12/12 Portland City Grill

Please RSVP in the comments by Monday, December 12.




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I'll be there and make the reservation.

Looking forward to it! Thanks for organizing!

I'm new in Portland, and would love to meet some working moms! I'll be there. Thanks for organizing.

I will try to make it. Thanks Courtney!

I think I can make this one! Thanks for organizing!

Sounds fun,
Can I resist the mac and cheese?

Sounds fun--I hope to make it!

I'll be there.

New location! Portland City Grill.

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