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One day alone: What would you do?

I'm in St. Paul, Minnesota, where as I flew in I said to my seatmate, "it looks like a picture book! Like... Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel." Today's beautiful weather is supposed to last through tomorrow, too -- clear and gorgeously sunny and cool-but-not-cold.
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I came to Hamline University for a reading of a piece for which I won an award; it was a little indulgent to make the trip, but worth it in many ways. I got to be a guest in a creative writing class today, and I have the reading tomorrow night. All the boys are staying with a different relative or friend, and are happy to have a few days with a beloved family member.

I'm in a university guest house and have nothing -- absolutely nothing -- I have to do between now and tomorrow at 7 p.m. I can't clean house or can tomatoes or go on errands. A glorious, perfectly rare, day alone. I'm planning to run 8 or 9 miles, go to a coffee shop, and write, and not worry about how long I'm taking with any of it. It is such a gift, and I'm grateful as can be.

What would you do with one perfect day alone in another place?


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I'm getting most of a day to myself out of town on Saturday, as well. The first time I've traveled without kids in years. I'm planning to hike or swim laps, read and knit! We lived in Minneapolis for a year and loved to take visitors to the Sculpture Garden attached to the Walker Art Museum. Have fun.

Congrats! I would drink something indulgent (drinking chocolate, wine at a wine bar, etc.), browse book stores, visit museums, see a late night movie.....

Hope you enjoy!

My brain just exploded.
But I think I'm going to become a serious runner just in case that happens... the run in a guest city sounds great!

There is a unique joy in running in a new city. You see, smell and feel so many things and really get to experience things you'd miss driving or riding public transport. I've found some tucked away jewels that way. When we travel as a family I always get up before everyone and go while they do the breakfast buffet and laze.

My brain exploded too. When I get just a few *hours* to myself all I can think about and work on is that miles-long mental to-do list... you know the one. But I think I would probably spend part of the day singing and recording, maybe a little time at my sewing machine, and then find some event or venue where I could do some serious flirting. :-)

I little over a year ago, when I was five month pregnant with the second, I was working in San Antonio for a week and had a couple of pretty free days at the end. The first day I got a massage, a hair cut and new maternity clothes. Things that are hard to do with a three year old. It was great. The next day I came down with a really bad cold, but still drug myself out to the tourist attractions.
A day alone in a town away from home is such a luxury. Hope you enjoyed yours!

Well I explore things that I didn't do often.I will enjoy the day doing stuff that will brings happiness and enjoyment so that I can treasure the day I have alone.

Whatever I did, I would take. my. time. That's what I miss most!

I'm not sure whether you like to shop. But there is a biggest Mall in America! That's what I'd do :)

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