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Seeking Japanese Class Suggestions

An urbanMama recently emailed:

We're looking for a west-side Japanese class or tutor for our seven-year-old daughter. She's taking classes at Bodhi Tree in SE Portland now, but we're moving across town and she would really like to keep it up.


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You might read and/or post on the community board at the Beaverton Uwajimaya store.

The interns from Japan that work as classroom assistants in the Japanese magnet program at Richmond, Tabor and Grant do private tutoring in their spare time. They are issued work visas during the year they spend here and tutor a lot of the students in the program. If you call the office at Richmond elementary http://www.pps.k12.or.us/schools/richmond/ they should be able to point you in the right direction for contacting the interns. The program is in east side schools, but interns are sometimes places with homestay families in SW.

My daughter takes private lessons at Taisei Learning Center. It's located by Uwajimiya. There is an option for private or group lessons. (503) 550-5525. The instructor Hanae Kaneko is really great with kids.

Thank you so much - she's going to be thrilled!

Hi, there.
There also is "sakurakai" that meets once a week (Thursday 4-6pm) downtown. Well, it's not quite westside but will be closer than going to SE. :) There're 5 different "grades" so she can go into one that fits her level. This is an NPO and the tuition, I believe, is $45 a month. It has a very "at-home" environment. My son has been going there for over an year and we love it. You can write to sakurakai4kids@gmail.com if you're interested. cheers. :)

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