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Seeking 100% Smoke Free Apartment

An urbanMama recently emailed:

Our family will be moving to the Portland Metro area and are keen to rent an apartment initially. We understand that Oregon passed a law last year stating that landlords need to disclose their smoking policies in writing. We also understand that just because an apartment complex is advertising itself as a "non-smoking" one, doesn't mean it is enforced. If any readers are currently living in an apartment complex which is advertised as being 100% smoke free and can vouch for it, please comment below. We are open to living anywhere in the Portland area which has access to public transportation. Thank you for your help!


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I very briefly took a survival job as a concierge at The Louisa in thed Brewery Blocks (The Pearl). They were REALLY strict about their no smoking policy. But it's also a really expensive building (or at least was) and doesn't have a pool.

Otherwise, I've been out of the rental arena for 13+ years, so I couldn't say..

The comment above was incredibly helpful!

Palladia....Tanasbourne area is smoke-free.

I found one way to screen was to ask (1) if the policy applied outside as well as inside and (2) if they had or were willing to put up No Smoking signs outside to allow people to self police. If they balk at that, you are looking at a lack of enforcement building.

I cant say because it has been 10 years since I have lived there but the Over Look at Causey Lane right next to Clackamas Town Center built a smoke free building a couple years ago. It is right next to the green line max and TONS of buses.... we were pretty happy when we lived there.

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