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"Mom! Where is my X, Y, and/or Z?!"

How many times in a day do you hear: "where is my favorite sweatshirt?" or "where is my backpack?" or "where is my library card?"  As if we don't have enough to do keeping track of other things.  Most times, I simply state that I am not the keeper of their things, that they need to find it on their own. That is never the right answer, however.

Do you get this a lot?  What is the right answer?  I welcome your ideas on how to deflect the "where is my X, Y and/or Z?" questions.


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The response that works with my son (but not my daughter) is "Where have you looked?"

For my daughter, working with her to find a good place to put something so she can always put it there and know where it is next time, actually works. She knows where her backpack, hoodie, shoes, etc., all belong. For my husband, no trick has ever worked and probably never will.

We have a cubby where everything goes but nothing can be found......I always say "use your Mommy eyes, not your Daddy eyes" :).

Everything has a home. If you put it away correctly, it should always be where it "lives".

I get this question a lot too and yes, it drives me crazy! I usually respond with "where does it belong?" and then try to keep my mouth shut. My boys are old enough to understand that they are responsible for their things, and they know where things belong--they just don't always put them away.

I always say, xyz is wherever you left it". It's not really an issue i even think about. Lol.

Unfortunately I seem to get this question most often from my husband. It happens so often it has become a running joke in the family. I used to try to find things for him, now I just let him be and remind him that if he put things away instead of leaving them around the house, they'd be easier to find. I use this same approach with my son who is doing his best to follow his dad's example. Sigh.

What jln said!

I usually say, "it's wherever you put it!"

My son is still just a toddler, but I know the day will come when he will not be asking me for anything. I relish his need for me, and help him look for whatever it is he can't find.

While I will sometimes help look for things that are expensive, that I like, etc----I generally take the "not my problem, you go look for it" position myself.

What honestly irritates me more than both my daughter and husband expecting me to find their stuff (he might be worse than her)---is when my daughter's friends come over and then demand "where are my shoes?" or "where is my doll?".

I usally respond with, "sorry, I'm not in charge of your things. Go find them yourself.". But I've long been the kind of mom who if the kids start bickering over what to play, etc, my response is, "well if you can't work it out, guess it's time to call your parents and send you home."

I'm into kids solving their own issues, cleaning their own messes, etc.

So cute! I already like you on FB and also get your posts on Google Reader. :)

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