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When she starts to "develop": books to read

Along with changes in scent come changes to the body.  Back when I was a young girl, there were pamphlets describing your ovaries, eggs traveling down tubes, then a monthly shedding of the endometrium.  It was all very clinical in all of its two pages.

Now that my girl is starting to go through the changes, I want to collect reading material that answers some of her questions.  I also want reading material for myself, from the mama perspective.

Years ago, we received a copy of Cycle Savvy, "The Smart Teen's Guide to the Mysteries of her Body".  It really is geared toward the 13-18 year old set.  I'm looking for books more geared toward the 8-13 year old set, to prepare girls for these changes.

Our doc recently recommended a series that talked about the changes, both emotional and physical.  But should couldn't remember the title!  Suggestions, please - both for girls in the pre- or early-pubescent range & their mamas....


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Check out Multnomah County Library's booklist on the topic - Understanding Sex and Sexuality. Lots of great book recommendations there.

My daughter likes the one that is put out by the makers of American Girl Dolls.

I third the AG "The Care & Keeping of You" Grace loves it.

Fourth it, I love all the AG books on tweeness (and their nice dollies and clothes). From time to time, Justice will do promotions with "becoming a woman" type kits for free---you also might be able to find some stuff directly from the manufacturers, as well.

That said, I'm surprised you had something so clinical and brief! I'm an "older" mom (45) and I vividly recall being separated from the boys and watching all those "becoming a woman" type movies. My issue is how they portrayed it as this big exciting thing to look forward to---and that if you felt wiped out, well get up and work out, lazy bones!

My daughter started getting boobs REALLY early (third grade) and she was REALLY pleased with herself about them.

I'm going to throw my vote in for the AG "Care and Keeping of You." I'm generally not of fan of the AG franchise, but this was a great book, and it's geared to the age group you're interested in.

Not geared to girls specifically, but in my opinion you can't do better than the awesome "It's So Amazing." It's respectful, humorous, informative, and a great read. I got it when my son was 5 and we looked at the pictures while I explained things. As he's gotten older, he's read it for himself. This is the book every parent I know has on the shelf.


The same authors also wrote "It's Perfectly Normal: Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex, and Sexual Health," which might also be a good choice


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