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Smells Like Teen Spirit: the body odor begins

My 10-1/2 year old plays basketball three times a week and works up quite a sweat.  She hops right into the shower when she gets home.  Some of us don't even use deodorant, but I actually do, a little.  She has recently asked about whether she "needs" to use deodorant, and I let her know it was up to her.  I don't think her body odor is strong; it is barely detectable.

If she's interested in using, do we just have her use what I use?  Or, is there something more gentle for the younger set?


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My 7 year old when through a stinky armpit phase too for about 6 months. My naturopath said that girls that age get a rush of puberty hormones. Usually between 6 and 8 years old. She is over it now, but I did get her some mild Tom's brand deodorant just to avoid any teasing. Kids can be pretty mean.

When my daughter was this age and went through this I just let her pick out one that she liked the scent of and felt good using. She picked out some awful scented one from target that she was thrilled about and I smiled and didnt say a word. She's almost out of high school now and done with that sort of thing but letting her choose at that age was a huge for her and for us.

baking soda is a great deodorant for lightly scented folks. just dampen pits with water and dust some on! there are also many great recipes floating around the internet for homemade deodorant.

I'd let her pick it out herself, as well. To be fair, my daughter's about the same age and ultra girly, so Bath and Body Works is one of her very most favorite places to go.

I'll also add, you could make this a fun thing and even (if she likes) pick out a nice gift set or something.

When my kids get to that stage (currently 4yo and 6yo) I will let them pick their own, but make sure they get deodorant only - not antiperspirant!
I actually found a pump spray deodorant that is made of natural salts and minerals. I think the brand is "Crystal" or something similar. Works like a charm without the nasty chemicals soaking into the skin.
Good luck!

I got my son one of the Crystal deodorants (no anti-perspirant chemicals). Another option is something like the cotton deodorant at TJs. I steer clear of most Tom's stuff or any other stuff due to nasty skin allergies. For anti-perspirant, Dove or Almay hypoallergenic works ok as well.

Whatever it is, please check the Skin Deep database, first. Ingredients in personal hygiene products are mostly unregulated, so companies can put pretty much whatever they want in there. And it ain't always good.

Baking soda+tea tree oil (for its antibacterial properties), or a prettier smelling essential oil just to mask odor.

I would personally be careful with tea tree oil as there is some proof that tea tree oils can be estrogenic.

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