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What would you like most for Mother's Day?

My husband asked me recently, "Is there anything you'd like for Mother's Day?" I had no response. While we are a family that love celebrations, rather then being filled with pomp and circumstance, it's usually fairly informal. We try to do something together as a family, a special meal and an outing - typically a hike. Sometimes there are gifts but there have been some bleary eyed years when cards and gifts are forgetten and it is never a big deal. But I do appreciate nice functional gifts. My husband's question did get me thinking, here are a few ideas:  147365774_4a4d518a63

  • Though extremely utilitarian but on the high end of the price spectrum is an Xtracycle. Mine was a Mother's Day gift four years and has literally changed my life. I was able to transport kids, groceries, and gear effectively and efficiently. Expediency is questionable and highly dependent on hills.
  • Recently, I was given a pair of Bogs rain boots and it's made being outdoors watching muddy baseball games tolerable. While the rest of my body may be freezing, my feet are nice and toasty. I am looking forward to having a pair of comfortable boots to slosh around at soccer games and running errands next fall/winter.
  • I also enjoy running; and music during a solo run is a mama's best companion. My iPod Nano and Nike+ is great for early training runs when the company of another mama is not possible. I also like the ease of something else tracking and aggregating my time and pace.
  • How about the gift of running with hundreds of other fellow mamas? There are the handful of fun running events for the active mama like Run Mama Run, Run Like a Mother,or Hippie Chick Half
  • Above everything else, sleeping in and being served breakfast in bed is priceless. Nothing compares to this simple gift of a homemade meal and squeals of delight coming from the kids as they help out in the kitchen.

It's the thought that counts, but do you have any favorite Mother's Day gifts or traditions?


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This will be my second year at the Run Mama Run event as a family so I am liking that tradition. Anything running, music (iTunes gift card), or reading related is always good for me. I like tulips in the pot so we can plant them later, dark chocolate, and whatever the kid thinks up. Rumor has it I will be getting a baseball mitt and swim goggles, just in case I want to coach tball or take swim lessons.

I don't usually want *things* for myself, but - for years - I have been wanting a mama bracelet or ring or something like that. I think the ring has different bands, each with the birthstones of each of your children. I have seen them on Red Envelope. The necklace pendant would be a similar concept. I also had always wanted silver pendants with my kids' names etched in them. I sort of got impatient waiting to be gifted this, so - last Valentine's Day - I gifted each of my daughters a pendant with her name etched in it. Since they don't wear jewelry much at all, I wear both of their pendants/necklaces. (got them at Grasshopper Boutique on Alberta).

I am pretty low key. I would just like to sleep in on mother's day and find a breakfast on the table when I get up.

a massage gift certificate is always welcome.

I just want some sleep.
With 2 kids under 2 (one being 4 months) and both are VERY Spirited and High Needs........I just need sleep.
All of our family is thousands of miles away, but I know my mom's biggest want this mother's day is to have her grandkids in her arms. (The littlest one she hasn't even met yet.)
If only! Play date for her.....nap for me.......it'd be a win win : ) Although, I'm so negative in sleep hours by this point, would it even make a dent? Haha
No really, I'm looking forward to counting my blessings Sunday. Without my fabulous children I wouldn't be a momma at all. As insane as they make me some days, they are my world.

My kids are teens now and I was going to say "a day without bickering, eye rolling and texting" but your post reminded me how truly trying and mentally/physically taxing those early days are. I was in your same shoes with no family around and I really hope that you get your well deserved day of rest and celebration...we all deserve it but especially you moms of little ones...it does get easier.

Erin my one kid is almost 11 and I can still VIVIDLY remember those first 2 months of being afraid to even try and go to sleep (maybe that's why I only have one kid...).

Anyway, it's generally fairly low key, in the past I've gotten some sort of nice gift of jewelry or a tea set or something. But this year:

1)I just had a really good job interview and would love to get it or another position I'm in the running for.

2) We had to buy new kitchen appliances, I repainted and a new floor goes down next week----so I've announced I don't expect anything until at least Xmas, just so the hubby can be less stressed.

I used to have so many dreams about mother's day, like that my husband would make a special mother's garden under the plum tree and, each year, he and the boys would plant a flowering bush there for me... one of my favorites that they picked out themselves... (I've probably left comments to that effect long ago :)

he just called me from Kuwait, where he's getting ready to head home, wondering (tongue in cheek) if I wanted the enormous teddy bear and two dozen long-stemmed roses that were advertised in some military newsletter. I realized that, now the boys are old enough to at least acknowledge the day, I don't want a thing from him (and definitely not another big stuffed animal ;). he's the dad and I've gotten over my dreams (and planted my own peony bushes). the tissue paper flowers are enough for me, although I certainly will take advantage of the holiday to ask the boys to be extra kind to me, and put up with my slow progress as I cart another peony bush home from the farmer's market.

oh, and Erin, I've been there, and I know how you feel, exactly. I finally started getting reliable sleep about September or October... my boys are 8, 6, and 3. once you get through this, you'll look back on that time with amazement and think to yourself, "I thought I couldn't do it. but I did!" (and you'll shake your head in bemusement any time someone complains of one night of curtailed sleep for some dog barking or car alarm, hehe.)

I would give a weeks worth of sleep for an extracycle. What a most excellent gift; you are giving me ideas.

You guys are so great : )
And I totally flubbed, it's 2 under 3, not 2 under 2. I guess with kiddo #2's gestation/birth that year just kind of flew!
I spent all night comforting, rocking and singing to my early teether. I think we won't be branching out our family tree anymore after him, and I started getting really emotional about it last night. (I also popped in some ear plugs and it made it all the easier to deal with, haha!)

I finally figured out what I DO want for mothers day:
SUSHI - haven't had it before pregnancy #1. Not sure if I can eat it and breastfeed though.

Erin E., go for the sushi! as with most foods that are questionable during pregnancy, the dangerous stuff can pass through your placenta, or compromise your health and thus endanger your unborn child, but can't do a thing to hurt your baby when it's filtered into mama's milk. Alcohol, serious drugs (narcotics and the like) and, for some babies, dairy products, are the only things that I know of that are any danger while breastfeeding. Of course, you still want to limit the total quantity of your exposure to mercury-laden fish; there are lots of sources online to find which ones have less mercury (lower on the food chain, the better).

Mother's day is very important for all of child . because mother is the symbol of god .

Breakfast in bed always seems to work out well on mother's day. To be honest, there's really nothing quite like the experience.

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