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Coming Soon....Montavilla Food Cooperative

We love to talk about food...buying clubs, farmer's markets, canning, dinner on a budget, and CSAs. We are food-obsessed. When Marisa recently emailed about the efforts to bringing a food coop and buying clubto Eastside Portland, how could we not share? She writes:

As a soon-to-be Mama, I'm very concerned about food options our community has access to and supporting our local farmers & small business community. Luckily we live in a city that embraces local and organic food and have access to such a great variety of options. However, Eastside Portland, beyond SE 82nd is considered a food desert. We as a community are trying to gather people together so we can open a Food Cooperative store front, the newest venture since Alberta Co-op! We have a location in mind and are fund raising now to get the support and capital to make this a reality for this up and coming neighborhood. You can read more about our efforts on our website: www.montavilla.coop.

Bob's Red Mill is our biggest sponsor for this event and we will be working with an organization called JOIN to bring the community's attention on the needs of teen homelessness. We will also be selling FOUNDING MEMBER SHARES to the store front at the pancake breakfast. Basically if you buy a share, you become a member and have a vote on the location of the store front.

Please feel free to send this flier to anyone who may be interested in Food Cooperatives, Loves Pancakes or Rummage Sales, or just wants to help. If you want more information about our organization please feel to contact me by phone (510) 333-2041 or email marisa.peden@gmail.com.


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