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working mama lunch: May 12

Ready to meet some working mamas? Connect again with some you have met before? Join us north of Burnside for lunch at Davis Street Tavern.

Date: Thursday, May 12 AT 12:30 (edited 5/10/11)
Location: Davis Street Tavern500 NW Davis Street

Hope to see you there. Please RSVP in the comments by Tuesday, May 10th.


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I'll be there and make the reservation.

Oh yes oh yes. I've missed you guys!

YAY! I'm in town for this one, and will be there!

I'd love to. What time is it?

I'm bound and determined to make it this time!!!

I'm planning on it!

I hope to make it -- its literally 3 blocks from my office!! What time?

I've never been to one of these... excited to be there!!

i'll be there- what time?


I believe the lunch is at 12:30. That is when we usually start.

I will try to be there, I always enjoy it! Thanks Courtney!

Wheee, my conflict just cancelled! Count me in... thanks again for organizing, Courtney!

Courtney, I will be in town finally and I will try to make it (with my junior sidekick)! Looking forward to it!

Bummer. I cannot make it as I will be out of town. I love Davis Street so let's have a future one there again!

Absolutely I will be there. LOVE Davis Street Tavern and Urban Momma lunches- what a great combination!

I have not atended before but would like to join you. What time will it be?

Lunch is as 12:30 on 5/12 - see you there!

I'm so sorry, but I will have to back out - instead, I'll be subbing in as parent help on my 1st-graders class field trip. Next time, I promise.

Can I still RSVP?

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