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The Truth about Tubal Ligation

What do you do if two/three/four/one is enough?  For some, it might be the IUD.  For others, it might be the fertility awareness method.  Or, perhaps your partner goes for the snip-snip, the vasectomy.

One urbanMama is looking into tubal ligation, and she wants to hear from  your experiences:

I'm trying to find out about tubal ligation. Is it out-patient or in-patient, what is recovery like? Any side effects-besides no more babies? I've read the urbanMamas posts about birth control options did not see anything on gettin' the tubes tied.


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What a great topic, as I have seen very little on it as well.

Given that my 3rd was going to be my last, and a C-section at that..I went ahead and had it done at the time. I was very solid in my decision in the first trimester with this. But I must admit, a couple of days before the C section, when I signed the consent form, I realized at that moment, that with one turn of the pen, I was saying goodbye to my fertility. Lots of hormones running around at the time, and probably that same feeling people lots of people have when they realized "enough is enough".

I can tell you that I have had NO regrets whatsoever! It is so freeing not to worry about getting pregnant or having to worry with pills, IUDs, etc. I LOVE it.

I had mine as an inpatient (given the C section) and no side effects. I was told the failure rate is slightly higher when you have it at the same time as a c section. But figure, if I get pg again after a tubal ligation, it was "meant" to be, and I can live with that!

I had an IUD for many years, but recently had it removed due to anemia caused by heavy periods. I have four children, and would like to get a tubal ligation, but cannot seem to even find a doctor in Portland that does them! Now, with the invention of much less invasive permanent birth control for women (like Adiana or Assure), I wonder if "getting ones tubes tied" will soon be only something that happens along with another kind of surgery.

I also had a tubal after having a c-section with my third child. I have to say that while in no way would a 4th child be good for our family (or my marriage!), I regret not having that option any longer.

I would encourage anyone considering having a tubal to research and talk to your doctor about post tubal ligation syndrome. While my doctor won't validate that my tubal is the cause, after 25 years of lovely and predictable periods, I now find myself bleeding or spotting 2-3 weeks a month. Ironically (after making sure there wasn't something else going on), my doctor now says that birth control pills are the only option for addressing the problem.

I had a tubal ligation while having my 4th child via c-section. The cost for "tacking this on procedure" was roughly $2000.00....ekkk...insurance did not cover much of it, as it is seen as an "elective" procedure. I am guessing that price may be higher if it is not attached to a surgery you adding it to.
So maybe thats why not to many doctors offer it as a single surgery. I am sure the other methods (assure, etc) are probably cheaper and just as effective.

Had a tubal ligation 3 months ago after a regular vaginal birth. They did it day after I had the baby and was done laparascopically. Recovery from it was tougher than I thought. Immediate post surgery (36 hours), had a lot of pain but was controlled by pain meds. The gas pain within 24 hours of procedure was pretty bad. After two weeks, incision site felt normal. But if I had to do it over again, I would wait for a few months after having a baby. I have to admit, I knew more about baby car seats than post procedure pain. So, if your husband can have a vasectomy--have him get one...and take one for the team. But the pain post op was just surprising to me.

I have also needed to start taking birth control pills post tubal ligation. About as ironic as you can get and troubling to think about the possibility of getting a hormone-fed cancer., but the peace of mind that I won't get pregnant is worth it.

We researched a tubal, but it was more expensive, major surgery, and less effective than my husband getting snipped.

I had taken birth control for 10 years before we had kids, carried and gave birth to our 2 lovely children, had an IUD inserted that had to be removed due to painful complications and then proclaimed, "I am done." My husband was willing to do his part. He had a full week of recovery, but no complications since.

Terrible experiences after having my tubal. Looking to have it reversed. Takes away the fullness and wholeness of a woman. Bleeding and abnormalties are excessive. Sex drive off, feeling depressed more. Body changes in extreme ways of discomfort. Women should never have this done, sin against nature and GOD. I'm truly sorry I had the surgery.

I prefer IUD since it's safe and you'll be able to control when you want a baby or not.

Hi. I hopped on here trying to find an answer about tubals being less effective and i'd like to tell any woman out there NOT to do it. I had severe post pardum depression after my tubal. My son turns 1 tomorrow and i feel like i missed the first 9 months of his life being on pills to make me feel sane! And sadly, he is my last. I am off the meds, but i still dont feel like me..." somethings's missing" and my periods used to be like clockwork on a monthly calendar! I sit here typing this having my tubes tied a year ago from tomorrow, and am 14 days late. I hope my tubal failed, honestly because it was done immediately after my c section at the age of 28 which puts me in the 5 % likelyhood of a normal pregnancy, but im still not me. I do believe that i have TLS( Tubal Ligation Syndrome ) and as for pain, because i had a c section, i did not notice a difference there as my 1st was also a c section, but what it does to a woman hormonally is insane! It is my biggest regret in life so far! Sincerly, a mom who missed the first 8 months of her last baby's life :( Please i beg of anyone reading this, taking the pill, using condoms....expensive monthly even weekly but totally more worth it than getting a tubal and having to live with the biggest mistake of your life.

I had a tubal after my c-section 4 months ago and have had no problems what so ever. I'm glad to know I don't have to worry if I took my pill on time or if we have condoms readily available. Pain after the procedure was the same as with my first (also a c-section) and recovery was fairly easy considering you're still have major abdominal surgery. Our insurance paid all but $18.00. I'd definitely recommend looking into all your options and be positive you are sure you won't want to have any more children since reversal isn't guaranteed or cheap!

hi i just gave birth to my second child September it is now December he is 3 months old today i had a c section then a tubal done right after while i was still on the surgery table... let me say don't get a tubal if u "think" you may want more children. bc once you sign those papers its goodbye to what a woman was made for baring children i had my tubes tied bc i have hadpreclampsia bad pregnancy's my first was a misscarrige 2nd severe gave birth at 32 weeks my little girl was 4 pounds!! then 3rd started rough with high blood pressure then they told me their was something in my blood that if i didn't get a certain shot or take medication for it my baby would die within minutes of being detached from me. thankfully everything went well and i have my little girl and baby boy i didnt want to take any chances so i got tied. i remeber signing those papers n feeling guilty n sad it hits you at that moment on what you are doing. and unless you have 5000 dollars there is no turning back. i have not had any major problems but i haven't yet started my monthly and i am bloating extremely bad im hoping to find out what going on with me today (wish me luck!) i hope what ever decision you make its what you and your partner both agree on bc it is a life long decision :) GOOD LUCK

Honestly, it is a personal choice. I am young (only23) and had my tubes tied after c-section with my second child. I chose it because it was a surprise when I found out I was pregnant the second time. I truely did not want to go through the infant stages again (the crying, bottles, diaper changes, no sleep, the carseat, stroller, diaper bag,everything). Being that my first is a boy and was 2 and I was having a girl, I felt my family was complete. I am not good remembering a pill daily, I didnt trust the shot or patch, and having something inside me for 5yrs did not seem right to me. Plus I knew ppl that had their iud come out, mpve out of place, and hurt in some sexual positions. Meaning each problem would be another dr visit. My insurance paid 100% of of it, so it was the best solution for me. I never have to worry about being protected or getting pregnant and since I am still so young, I can get my body right without the worry of another big weight gain and I can focus on moving forward in life with no more "what ifs". I am COMPLETELY happy. I had some discomfort during the procedure, but the healing and aftermath went smoothy. No problems then or now.

Also, only weird thing is I gave birth in may and had my first period in oct (a normal period, nothing unusual), but skipped 2 months and had a period this month (another normal period). but I never had my periods on a schedule, so I wasnt too concerned, especially since I knew I wasnt pregnant. Im waiting to see if it comes next month at the same time. :)

i am 28 and have one child that is 3 and will be trying for baby number 2 this summer. me and my husband have talked about it and we only want 2 weather its 2 girls or if we have a son, we will be done. i want to have them tied after i have the baby because i will be having a c-sec for the second time and figure my dr can do it at the time of birth. im not sure if snipping is the best or if the new procedure where they put coils in your fallopian tubes is better. does anyone know?

Jessica, I was looking into and had decided to get Essure (the coils they put in your tubes) two years ago, when at the doctor's office I changed my mind and opted for an IUD. Now, two years later, I'm having complications with the IUD and want it removed, but need to have an effective birth control method. My husband and I are done having kids and are happy with our family the way it is. So I decided to look into Essure again, as well as vasectomy and tubal ligation. When I did a search this time into Essure, and any complications, I found a bunch of information regarding women experiencing severe pain and cramping at the locations of the coils. With vasectomy, I found that depending on the study, up to 20% of men can have what is called post-vasectomy syndrome and experience among other things decreased libido, extreme pain, and increased risk of prostate cancer. For women, getting your tubes tied, can result in a similar syndrome where women can experience depression, hormanal fluctuations, decreased libido, increased bleeding during their period, increased cramping. None of it sounds terribly inviting. And now I don't know what to do because I can't take the Pill, the possible complications of permanent birth control are very uninviting, we really don't like condoms, natural family planning seems complicated and not very reliable. I'm at a loss. But I digress. My point was, do your research before you make any decisions. Google whatever permanent methods you are looking at along with their complications. If you do a search for "Essure complications" it brings up a bunch of information that your doctor might not tell you. Same for "tubal ligation complications" and "vasectomy complications". Best of luck!

I recieved a tubal after my 2nd child c-section.. I was told from the doctor I would have no side effects. Boy was he wrong, I never had cramps now I do, I never had heavy bleeding (now I'm to the point of peeing blood), severe headaches (probably because of heavy bleeding. My period use to last 4 days now it is 7 days on 2 days off 1 day on 1 day off another day on.. So regretting having this done... He tried putting me on a hormone pill and it didn't work. :( My tubal was 3 years ago and it has had no change in the above symptoms..

I had my tubes tied during my 3rd c-section of my 3rd child because my husband DID NOT want any more kids. I was hesitant to get it done as I really wanted a 4th child, but decided to go ahead with it as he REALLY did not want anymore. I REGRETTED THE DECISION immediately, even while I was still in the hospital recovering with baby. Now the option to have more children is gone, unless we spend $6,000 to have it reversed, which doesn't give you good odds to have a baby afterwards. Not only is my option to have more children gone, but I now experience the worst periods every month. Prior to the tubal, my periods were regular, light only lasting 3-4 days. NOW they are extremely heavy, to the point where I need to wear the heaviest tampon and pad together and change them every 2 hours, even through the night. My period lasts around 10 days or more. I never would have got the tubal done had I known that my periods would be so heavy, it is awful. So before getting the tubal, make sure you are 100% REALLY done having kids. I wish my husband would have got fixed instead, as I really hate my periods now, they are awful and not worth having the tubal done to stop pregnancy.

I had my tubal ligation done after our 3rd child, immediately following a c-section in 2004. I've not had any complications and am very pleased with the outcome. I'm now 36 and divorced. Should I remarry, I may have another child with the assistance of intrauterine infertilization.

Its been 2 weeks since my daughter was born april 9th and I am still heavily bleeding from a c section and tubal ligation right after a spinal. The experience post surgery has been horrible. I have a lot of pain and for me to say that is pretty serious as I have a high pain threshold. My sons birth was 3 yrs ago c section and the pain was nothing in comparison to this. My bleeding is horrible it is the heaviest flow ever and I just want it to finally stop. I don't want to take birth control as that's one of the main reasons I asked for the tubal. I'm done having kids but gees getting this bleeding would be fantastic. Sheesh. I get headaches and backaches. It is downright awful.

Coming up this August will be 7 years since Ive had my tubal ligation done. Every since Ive had it done Ive had regrets. At the last minute I wanted to opt out, but I couldnt speak since I was under anesthsia since epidurals dont work for me. I have since had severe complications, went from no cramps to feeling as though im in labor every month, weight gain, headaches, backaches mood swings, depression, fatigue and high blood pressure now, not to mention my cycle last anywhere from 7-10 days, before my tubal i was prefectly healthy,exceept for having asthma... I DONT RECCOMEND HAVING A TUBAL LIGATION

I just noticed this thread and wanted to let people know that entirely removing the fallopian tubes to prevent ovarian cancer is slowly becoming an option. If you are in a situation where you are thinking about ligation, you might want to know more about this option: http://blogs.vancouversun.com/2013/02/22/fallopian-tubes-breeding-beds-for-babies-and-ovarian-cancer-should-they-be-removed-for-cancer-prevention-bc-says-yes/

Had tubal after c-section. Nothing but problems for almost 3 years now. There's a lil something called Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome (PTLS) and its very real. Don't do it.

I am a 36 year old mother of 5 beautiful children, I chose to get a tubal based on a lot of emotion, life events that were temporary, and because of complications that left me no choice but to have a c section, it has now become one of the biggest regrets of my life. I was text book when it came to my periods, ovulation, length of cycles, etc. Now I'm a mess! Periods every 2 weeks, that last 7-10 days, stop and start, heavy bleeding and clots, I have had all the tests done to rule out the causes, hormones, thyroid, and x rays and ultrasounds, and no answer! It has totally disrupted my sense of well being, my intimacy with my husband, and Dr's do not want to recognize that post tubal ligation syndrome exists! In their medical minds, the procedures they performed are a success because I have a healthy baby, and I'm sterile. I truly believe once the circuitry of the uterus, fallopians and ovaries are disrupted, and eggs are not able to be travel there normal journey, it causes the uterus to totally dysfunction, signals are disrupted and the brain doesn't know what to tell your body to do!

If I had it to do all over again I absolutely would not have! Weight gain, hair thinning, clotty heavy unpredictable periods, period migraines and so much more. I find it hard to believe that it is something else considering it didn't start until I had my tubes tied!

I had my tubes tied almost 2 years... worse MISTAKE of my life. I normally bled for 7 days before it now i bleed 6 but i bleed reallly heavy i cramp reallly badly i go sometimes where i have two periods a month one in the beginning and one in the end and then the next two months or so ill have one then ill have two... DON'T DO IT.... I WISH I.WOULDN'T HAVE

DON'T DO IT! I had mine done last year and worst mistake of my life.. My periods are horrible to the point I lay in bed and cry because I can't handle the cramps (was never like that before) some months I'll bleed for a week then the next month I'll bleed for 4 days.. My periods very which time of the month it will come, sometimes it's the first week of the month, then the following month it's the end.. I am only 24 years old and since my tubal I have absolutely NO sex drive, don't want to be touched, nothing.. No matter what my husband does I shoot him down because the thought of sex makes me feel sick and angry.. I'm positive it's only a matter of time until my husband leaves/cheats and I don't blame him.. He needs that sense of closeness and love that unfortunately I am not able to do that for him thanks to having this tubal done :( and trust me all this has only been since the tubal before that we had an amazing sex life!

YOU MAY REGRET IT! I had my tubes tied 6 years ago following the c-section of my daughter. Now I am having baby fever so badly that I want to cry. I pray that my tubal ligation fails and I will have the son that I always wanted(considering that I have 3 daughters.) I tied my tubes at 26(huge mistake.) I had to get on the pill and have been for 4 years because my periods lasted 13 days. I have cramps in which I never had before. And I want my son. I guess I will continue to pray...

its been two years since my tubal, had it done after my 3rd child who was born via c section. i seriously reget it. im 27 and feel like im already going through menopause. mood swings are worse than ever, cramping for an entire week before along with a full week of a period, before it was only 5 days max. my sex drive is half of what it was, sometimes i feel like punching my husband during sex because im just over it. i really wish he wouldve been the one to get fixed. i feel like ive lost who i am. i havent felt the same since.

I have had my tubes tied for 3 years now & I regret it so much. I did it because both my babies were premiee & my doctor talked me into it because both my pregnancies I had Health issues. I haven't been the same since I exercise, eat healthy has a hard time losing my weight, my Periods are so heavy I bleed threw a tampom & pad every hr they last do damn long it's ridiculious. Im a moody bitch I never use to be so depressed & down & I never use to be such a bitch but I swear I'm one all the time. I never know when I'm going to start my period. I've had trouble with cyst & cervical cancer cells which I never use to have before getting them tied. I can't stand sex now either I use to love it but I just want it to be over with now I just fake it to get it over with & it hurts when I have sex now to which that never happen before I had my tubes tied.. WHATEVER YOU DO DON'T DO IT.. I'm saving up my money to get mine untied & then maybe I will be back to my old normal self again because I hate the tubal ligation me I'm just a big bitch with tons of horrible problems with my body from having them done..

@ Posted by: Emma | April 15, 2011 at 09:46 AM
depending on your age providence may do it. I have 3 kids and my insurance puts me at providence. I'm in my early 20's and would like to have my tubes tied but so far providence is taking there time deciding.

I had a Tubal 4 months ago after a csection. About 2 months ago when I started getting my periods again they were a lot heavier than before and I am having other side effects such as hair coming out which at first I thought it was just from having my daughter but its still happening. Also I have nausea every day like when I was pregnant in the first trimester and my migraines have spiked. I regret having it done. I asked my doctor before having it done and he said there were little to no side effects. My advice would be to definitely read up on it before u do it and find out all u can about the side effects. Read about post Tubal ligation syndrome wish I would of.

I got my tubes tied 4 years ago after my 3 baby during my 1st c-section due to complications. My baby was born preemie 4 weeks early but weigh 8 lbs b/c of gestational diabetes. My doctor recommended that I have a tubal ligation b/c of the complications I was having. At the time it was good because I did not want any more babies & my husband agreed b/c I was miserable. I wish I had done more research before I did it b/c I definite have been going through some changes like mood swings, hot & cold flashes, sweaty palms, heavy periods, just bitchy. I feel like it early menopause & I'm only 35 years old. My family think I'm bugging & don't understand but tubal ligation a have side effects, your body & mind is tricked you start to feel like a old woman. I'm not going to get a reversal because I still don't want more no more children still but if I knew what I know now I would of never did it. I would of got another IUD.

I have 4 beautiful healthy babies... But to get them I was miserably pregnant... So we were SURE we were done having kids. I was having a c section so the doctor said, " if you are sure you are done its so easy to cut out a section of your tubes (tie them) while we are in there.". The only side effect she said was i would no longer being able to have kids. What was I thinking just taking her word and not researching this?!!! Worst mistake and I have regretted it everyday. My son is now 3 mo ths old and I am still bleeding since I had him. EVERYTIME I pick him up I just gush blood. I have never had headaches and joint pain until I had this done. The bleeding is so bad that I use a tampon and a pad and still blood is everywhere. It is obviously impacting my sexual life with me husband negatively, as who feels romantic when u bleed 24/7! I also think there is a lack of responsibility in the medical world to counselor what a tubal truly means. I think anyone requesting a tubal should have to mandatorily meet with a counselor just to make sure. When I was 10 months prego and 5 days past due OF COURSE THE LAST THING YOU WANT IS TO BE PREGO AGAIN you are so miserable....but immediately after you hold that little ine all that misery disappears. I def did not want another at the time as 4 is plenty of blessing.... But I immediately regretted it , even while I was still in hospital after having him. Just knowing that you now can no longer have a baby is sad, even if you are sure you don't want. It's not natural to take it from ur body, and if I could do it all over again I would NEVER HAVE DONE IT. My bleeding is so bad that I have an ultrasound scheduled so hopefully they will figure it out.... But I'll flip out if I have to go on cancer feeding birth control pills or have a hysterectomy. Also my weight has always melted off post baby, this last c section w tuval it has not.... I can't get a pound off to save my life. Please seriously consider not having a tubal if you have any other options. I wish someone had told me.

I had my tubal done three years ago, like most, worst mistake of my life! Have two beautiful kids and we were happy with that, but I have not been the same since. My periods are all messed up, last days longer and are very heavy. My mood swings are horrible and I can not drop any weight. This procedure is a horrible mistake and you will most likely regret ever even thinking of having it done.

I am on bed rest in the hospital with my third child. I have decided to get Tubal ligation with my csection but am now concerned with everyone's comments. I never have had a normal period (bleeding maybe once a year if that) and have crazy normal issues as is. What is somethin I should consider, research or talk to my doctor about before th procedure is done?


Wow! My husband and I were just discussing this because our third child is due in January. We are in our mid 30's and sure we do not want any more children. I was going to get the tubal ligation but think we will go with the vasectomy. He is more than willing. He knows his recovery time will be much shorter and easier. He didn't want to see me have to recover from giving birth AND having surgery. Has anyone heard of any nasty side effects of a vasectomy like the ones you have posted about the tubal? I don't want him to go through anything like this either.

You people are absolutely ridiculous in your statements. A tubal does nothing to your ovaries, which is where estrogen and progesterone are secreted from. So all the bs about depression, lack of sex drive, etc is all psychological in nature. You obviously did not want the procedure and felt "mutiliated" hence your idiotic notions of depression and non existent syndromes. Most of those posting this nonsense is over 35 and most likely experiencing menstrual changes due to peri menopause which can begin as early as age 30. Get a life and get educated people!

I had my tubes tied 3 1/2 yrs ago. I had three children by C-Section. I had the same OB/GYN deliver all three of my children. He strongly suggested I get my tubes tied because if I were to have another baby it could cause a possible early birth or it could do harm to myself. I agreed to it. After about a year later I noticed changes in my body. My periods were always 7-14 days. I always wore tampons and heavy duty over night pads every hour and it still leaked through my pants. I had my last child April 2010. I only gained 19 lbs with him. I've come down with depression, mood swings, heavy bleeding, 60+ extra lbs and long ass periods that would last 2-3 weeks and still spot. I found that my body has taken a complete 360 after having a tubal ligation done. Some months I experience tender breast, change in taste buds and nausea. My boyfriend always ask if I'm pregnant. I had gone to the Dr and addressed my worries. He had done blood work and it showed that all my hormone levels were out of sort. It explained everything. I'm strongly thinking about paying the $6,000 to have it reversed. Health issues from this isn't worth it.

I have given birth to 4 children in my 14 yr. marriage. Upon my 2nd c~section i requested a tubal (8yrs. ago). My periods got heavier and more inconsistent and cramping increased. I simply wear a thin pad daily just in case and keep Midol handy. I have also had surgery for endometriosis. My husband and I have a very healthy sex life. When i am experiencing discomforts of my cycle he is understanding and patient with me. We are currently awaiting test results bc i have enlarged uterus. Urine test says neg. to pregnacy however uterus measures the size of 12 weeks pregnant. Could possibly be fibroids. I understood all circumstances surroumding my request for tubal. Understood all the possibilities. If its meant to be in God's plan~ it will. Praying for continued health for all the ladies unhappy with their decisions.

Dear Angel, I am replying to your comment as I felt a bit hurt by it. Did you have a tubal ligation to feel empowered to make such rude statements (although even if you did, you still should not express your opinion in such a harsh way)? I am a Registered Nurse with a Master's Degree and nine years of nursing experience; thus have some education in the medical field and will assure you that a woman's ovaries do not have to be traumatized directly to produce some hormonal changes. Cutting fallopian tubes interrupts normal processes thus might cause ovaries to react in a different way. That being said, I would like to share my own experience with tubal ligation. I had my first baby (girl) at age 31 by a vaginal delivery. Because I was in labor too long, I got bilateral femoral nerve damage, so could not walk for some time (came back to my normal state only after over 14-15 months post delivery). I got pregnant with my second baby (boy) right away, so had him at 32. I had a difficult pregnancy and was very concerned about the possibility of damaging my nerves again. My doctors (including neurologist) suggested a c-sec. My husband and I decided to do a tubal ligation during c-sec as we were absolutely sure that we are done having children. My baby-boy will be one year old in 2.5 wks, and just now I am starting to feel regrets about having my tubes tied. I, too, noticed a huge decrease in my sexual drive and feeling sad quite often (I wouldn't call it a depression, but rather feeling down). However, these are not the complications I am really worried about. What I am really concerned about is miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies. These are the biggest complications of the tubal ligation and are very traumatic. Right now I am having all the symptoms of pregnancy and I am very afraid this will be an ectopic pregnancy or a miscarriage as I don't believe it is possible for the tubes to grow back together in such a short period. To conclude, I absolutely regret I had my tubes tied and wish the procedure failed. I now pray to God that if I am really pregnant, to save this pregnancy for me. I don't even mind having another child now (feeling like we were not in the right emotional state when we made that decision to have a tubal). It's scary to lose your baby by a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy and knowing that this could be avoided.

hi my name is petoria ,i live in kng11.it's eight yrs since i had my third child i got s c/section an decide to do my tubal ligation (tieoff )i said no more baby little did i know from then till now am having bleeding problems .i live at the doctor office every month can someone tell what
to do to stop this discomfort?i have no sex life everyday am in pad.

Dear ladies, I am returning with the updates on my story. As I said earlier, I found out I am pregnant (4 wks) after I had my tubes tied less than a year ago. I started having severe pain in my left lower abdomen, so saw OB/GYN on my 5th week of pregnancy. Two consecutive blood tests showed some drop in hCG levels and the ultrasound did not detect any pregnancy in the uterus. Doctor said I am having an abnormal pregnancy, just need to figure out where it is located. Gave me three options: surgery, medication, or waiting with periodic hCG checks to insure the levels are continuing to drop. I decided to wait, but two hours after talking with the doc, the pain symptoms reappeared. I did not make it to the clinic, called ambulance. US ruled out left tubal pregnancy, where the tube was already ruptured and I was having an internal bleeding. Last night I had a laporoscopic abdominal surgery, the left fallopian tube was removed. I am feeling well today and have already been discharged to home. Anyways, my tubal pregnancy ruptured at around 6 wks of pregnancy, and it was pretty scary. Now I have only one tube left with a risk of another ectopic pregnancy. Thus, performing tubal ligation does not necessarily save you from not getting pregnant again (although it is a very small chance; for me it was 100% chance though - any of you could be there, too), but it can put you at numerous life threatening situations and risks. So, try to avoid pregnancy with less invasive methods as much as you can to avoid putting yourself in danger. Just a suggestions. Good luck to everyone of you, and may God lead your choices and bless you.

I had a tubal ligation 5 months ago after my son was born took 3 pregnancy test all of them showew very faint positive signs could I be pregnant. Im just scared because my doctor told me its more likely for my scar to rip open I have had a total of 3 c-sections. What should I worry about. I have had all the sypmtoms of pregnancy and I am also 25 I have recently moved to another state and scared to see a different OB as for my last doctor had been my only to deliver my 3 kiddos. ..... plz any advice or suggestions im lost.

I just had my tubes tied on Jan 28th, I so underestimated the pain
factor. I thought I would be back to work after a couple days,
not so I have a lot of pain can barely sit up. I hope things get
better soon.

Whoever says post tubal ligation syndrome does not exist is wrong. One has to look from where women get their blood supply. About 56 prevent of women have two blood supplies, from the uterus and ovaries. The other 46 percent only have one blood supply, either from the uterus or the ovaries. This subset of women are those who experience symptoms of the syndrome to varying degrees. Furthermore. The American Association of Gynecology and Obstetrics recognizes the condition but informs it's doctors not to disclose to patients. Final food for thought. PMS in the past was not recognized as a real Condition until more studies were done. Women should not be discredited simply put

I had a tubal liquation after c-section with my fourth child, has been since five years and not have any problem. But I wants another baby, cost me more for fix it!

I had it done after my second girl was born via c-section. My husband didn't want any more children so I was left with the option of having it done and covered by insurance or he was going to go have a vasectomy. I decided to have it done on me since I really didn't have a choice. I deeply regret it not only have I sealed it to where I can never have any more children, but my periods last longer, are more painful and I am more moody. Plus a few days before I start my period I feel like I am being stabbed right in the ovaries. I am in so much pain physically and emotionally.

I was seriously thinking about having my tubes tied. Fourth child, 2nd C-Section and I honesty just dnt want any more kids!!! But after reading this Im confused!!!

I'm 31 and have two children my youngest is autistic and would not change having him for nothing. I was thinking about getting my tubes tied but after reading the comments about getting it done. I think I'm going to reconsider getting my tubes tied. I was going to get it done because I don't want anymore kid's and because I don't think it would be fair to my son.

i will be 44 in 4 days and just had a tubal yesterday. i was all ready to be popping pain meds after reading some blogs like this. i have to tell u, i have no pain whatsoever. i am a little bloated and a little tender at the incision site at my belly button. i must say i felt really good about my decision, due to already having 3 beautiful little girls, until i started reading this. yikes!
my other options that i explored, such as IUD and Essure, also came with horror stories from some of my friends and family. i think we just all have to remember that every body is different and reacts in different ways.

I had my tubal done about three months ago the only problems I seem to be having is heavy bleeding during my period and I'm having two periods a month. I Expected the heavy bleeding as my doctor discussed this with me before the procedure. The two period's a month I did not expect however my doctor thinks my hormones and having trouble readjusting which can be cased from my pregnancy. I personally have no regrets I knew what I was getting done did research and asked my doctor a lot of questions. I feel if you are thinking about getting your tubes tied make sure and be well informed

I had my tubes tied during my c-section from twins in 2005. six months later I had an ectopic pregnancy and my tube bust, I tried to just deal with the pain (not having any clue how serious it was) and stopped breathing on the operating table the following day because I had let it go so long and had bleed eternally over night and through half of the next day. At that point i was promised nothing like that would ever happen again, reassured by my OB/GYN . Since then I have had three miscarriages the longest reaching 17w3d along. Had anyone every told me that it wasnt 100% permanent and what possibly side effects could happen, I would have chose another method of bc. I have know 3 other women who have been pregnant after their tubal ligations. Only 1 carried to term and now has a 3 yr old son. I was told after the ectopic pregnancy that my case was extremely rare. Finding 3 other woman that got pregnant afterward, makes me believe different. Just ask your doctor if they have had any patient conceive after having their tubes tied, cut & burned. we sought legal recourse after I almost died and were told we signed papers stating that it was possible for these things to happen and they were not liable, even though after a very indepth consult about having my tubes tied never once brought up the chance of any of this happening. Ask your doctors credentials, ask how many procedures they have done in their careers and how many worked, if there were any poor results or even pregnancies afterward. Remember, you doctor works FOR you, and you have every right to ask/interview them. It's your body, your future at risk. Take every step possible until you feel completely confident in their skills.

Angel you need to get a life not all of us are 35 or over. I had my tubal with my sons birthbat age 31. Perimenopause did not hit ANY woman in my family prior to 45 and full blown menopause not til 50. 31 is too young for menopause yet I am on three kinds of birth control and still bleed 23 days a month, my hair is failing out, I'm gaining weight, I'm depressed and anxious, and I have terrible pain in my ovaries every month. Attitudes like yours prevent women like myself who have been affected with post tubal ligation syndrome from getting the help they need from the medical community. I am an MSN trained and have worked in Ob-gyn for years. Cutting, burning or clipping your fallopian tubes can cause damage to the receptor cells in them that tell your bodybwant to do. Cutting like i had done basically shut my ovaries down. I used ovulate each month to the day now I go months without ovulating my menstrual cycle used to be each month at 28 days now I go months bleeding all the time then months with none. I have had hormone testing done and in just two month my fsh which was 5 and normal went up to 12 and 25 is post menpausal. So essentially this surgery pushing me into menopause ina matter of months - if it was occuring naturally it would take years. Before you speak do some research.

Hi my name is jessica, I am 31 due any day to have my third son.I got pregnant after my six week check up after having my 2nd son in july..I dont want anymore children but I cant take the pill and not intreasted in the iud or anything else , I thought haven my tubes tied would be the best route being I dont want anymore children...and for the fact I have been pregnant two years back to back..but im very confused now with what to do I ask my doctors and they said theres no effects or complications from it...but from what im reading alot more bad comes from it then good... so any advice for me? I dont want to get pregnant again or nor deal with liagation syndrome

i am due any day now with my third child and am still considering tubal despite all the bad comments i am reading. i cant help but see one similarity in all of them... a c section delivery followed by tubal, Also the fact that alot of you wernt completely 100% sure that it was right for you to do may have left room for error in your own mind causing all the regret. while its nice to hear honest feed back about the procedure, i have a feeling that mine might turn out differently. im 28, my periods are already heavy and very painful, i will have three children now and it will be so nice to not have to worry about another beautiful little surprise when im in my thirtys or even fourtys (not that thats to old to have kids, but for me id like to be done) i will follow up after my vaginal birth/tubal in a few days when she finally decides she ready to come out!

I had a tubal ligation done three months ago just after my youngest turned three. I also had a uterine ablation (NovaSure procedure) done at the same time. For me, the first week was sort of a tough recovery, but I am so glad I did it. Of course, I also have to say that I was moaning, "no more babies" and crying while in recovery and I was sad the first day or two...however, after that I have been fine. Due to the ablation, I have yet to have any type of period. My doctor said it would take six months to see how they will be, but at this point I am not having one at at all. I highly recommend having both procedures done at the same time.

Hi .I had a tubal in 2009 after having my twins during a c section and I regret it .god gave us women a gift of life and we take it away but like right now im on my period but its different vary light bleeding but lots of pain and I feel sick .I dont really know whats going on but I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it came out negative. And to love um so sorry about what happened to you hope all is well and trust in the lord .

i had tubal-ligation in 2010 after my three consecutive complicated c-section ops. im 38 and ever since the op have experienced irregular periods and i lastly saw my period in 2012 and serious weight gain, back ache, headache tender breasts. i regret the decision only God knows.

I'm 40 and have had 3 C-sections. I chose to have a tubal during my last C-section 3 years ago. No problems at all. My periods haven't changed...nothing out of the ordinary. I sometimes wonder if my tubal will fail...they were cut, tied and burned but so far so good. My husband and I have sex on average 3 times a week, every week. I'd say the tubal was right for me and has worked for me.

I had 4 vaginal births and got my tubes tied last year the day after my youngest was born now my hair is falling out I can't loose weight at all I have never been over 120 lbs being pregnant and never over 100 lbs while not pregnant now I'm stuck at 126 and have even seen a doctor for help my body doesn't repsond to anything they give me I have periods that last two weeks before I only had 3 day periods I have pain that is worse than giving natural birth every month and I am 25 I can't control my emotions anymore and feel sick and tired almost every day I regret getting my tubes tied I had a doctor tell me there is no side effects and no hormonal issues after a tubal and if I ever see him again I will kick his lying ass! Please do not get a tubal it will ruin your life you have more of a chance of having ptls then not getting it I wish everyday that I would have known this could happen I would not wish this on my worse enemy. Now my kids ask mommy when will you not be sick anymore and it's my fault for getting the tubal that I will never be the same I will never have the energy to run and play with them at the beach or go camping or take them to Disney land because I never know when I will be in so much pain and bleeding uncontrollably that I can't barley get out of bed I can't work anymore and I'm lucky enough to have a man who cares enough to be there for us please don't let this be you learn from my mistake.

I was researching to decide if I want tubal or not because family members who had them before had bad side effects like the ones mentioned here. I had to go ahead and sign for procedure because doctor requires it 30 days ahead of due date. He said I am free to change my mind even up to actually entering the hospital. After reading the above posts and the consistency of the symptoms being the same as the ones my family members described, I am seriously NOT wanting the procedure done. The purpose is to have permanent birth control without the side effects; not to have one that requires possibly taking more birth control and having worse side effects. Doctors should be more open and honest with patients concerning these issues because my doctor also kept telling me the side effects are very low if any at all.

I'm 36 years old with a mild case of Cerebral Palsy.Im currently 6 months pregnant with my second child. I have high blood pressure with tachycardia. I also have 2 small fibroids inside my uterus. I can't get an IUD I can't get the Depo shot and I cant be on birth control pills, so I don't have anymore options I must be fixed Im too high risk. I understand the risks of getting of getting a tubal. I've read everybodys comments, but that won't change my mind. My mom had a tubal and so did my grandmother none of them complained about their tubals, so I'm still getting it done. It's either I get the tubal or don't have sex at all. This second pregnancy is really hard on my body this time around.

I am 26 I am 11 weeks and 3 days pregnant with my 6th baby.I love every single one of them. This will be my 3rd section. I'm getting a tubal done at the same time not because I want to but having babies after 3 sections my Dr said starts to get more dangerous for mommy and baby. Something to do with the placenta attaching to the scar tissue and it can tear or rip the uterine wall. I don't want a tubal but I can't afford to risk it .I've got 5 angels and a soon to be 6 the that needme. DDon't get a tubal unless u absolutely have to or are 100% sure u want to.

I agree with angel about ppl coming up with these things
Like emotions and heavier periods, the sex drive etc.
I just had my last child Feb 12 2015 via c sections and I know I made the right choice, most women in my family
Got it done and no one so far has any regrets and they all got it and different ages but in their 30s. And have had 3 or more children. Tubes tied after talking to my friend who's a doctor and she doesn't and wouldn't lie to me also said that women who get this done unconciously will come up with any reasons to say something negative about it just because they are now fully aware of the fact that they will never to have children again. The tubal precedure have nothing absolutely nothing to do with any kind of hormones in a women's body. We really have to read on it not on Google because we can get some good info on here but are mostly ppls thoughts as to real facts. Good luck everyone.. I'm sure glad I got it done. Now one thing is for sure it's very hard to reverse so of not 10000% sure that u don't want anymore children get an iud I had it all together for 16 years till my husband and I decided to have what was our last baby.. at 40yo. I know for sure that after this we didn't want anymore and that it wouldn't be fair since we need to make sure we are here long enough to take care of them as long as we can.

Clearly the mind is a powerful thing! Lol post traumatic stress for your ovaries... Such a fun read! I had my third dec 2015. Tubal done 6 weeks later. Surgery was a much needed nap (newborns are exhausting!) woke up with a sore belly button!! It was just awful! I mean, my BELLY BUTTON WAS SORE!! 😱 LOL I was back to normal on the 2nd day. It was no big deal. I am 29 and my three sweet hearts are plenty! Now my husband and I have one less thing to think about when the opportunity for sex arises! My periods haven't been weird, and I have lost 26 pounds working out and eating right. For me the decision was a no brainer!!

I just wanted to post something because all I ever really see on the internet is negative outcomes for tubal ligation. I had my third baby in September, and we decided we were done. I was nervous about getting the tubal done, since I have read so many horror stories and I had really bad ppd when my second was born. I have to say that I haven't had any depression, no pain, haven't gained any weight since my tubal. This is 5 months later. The only thing I'm dealing with now is random spotting, not sure if my period is trying to break through or what since I'm breastfeeding. I think that getting a tubal done is different for everyone though, and before you get it done really sit and think about it first, make sure you are done with having babies!

I have had 3 cesarean's 2 of which were year and a half apart. Me and my husband decided after I got pregnant (surprise) with our last daughter that enough is enough and our first doctor visit inquired about a tubal. I have 4 sisters all older than me and 2 of them had their tubes tied. They had the symptoms everyone is discussing, but as far as I am concerned, it was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Sure my hormones go crazy at times and I get depressed, but hello, the more babies you have the more your hormones get distorted (in my opinion). I dealt with serious depression and was on the verge of losing it, but with God's help I came through it, got over myself and started making a change. There is nothing a proper diet and strength/cardio training can't fix. Endorphines will be released, you will be happier and healthier. I've been married for 6 years now and our sex life is just as active as when we met. I don't believe post whatever syndrome is fake, I just think you have to be strong and make up your mind to do something about it and sulk in your emotions. Don't let "hormones" be a crutch to lead you to your own demise.

So many women responding to this, complaining of heavy, irregular periods & hormone issues are leaving out the actual cause of those things. It's not the tubal ligation.

Most women are on some type of hormonal birth control (pill, implant, shot), all of these "regulate" your period. Once you've had a tubal, you don't start taking BC again, therefore, there's nothing regulating your period. Hormonal BC is actually a drug, that PREVENTS a women's body from functioning the way it wants to & FORCES it to function in a way that's convienant.

Something else that no one is mentioning, any pregnancy can permanently change the hormones in your body. Take BC & TL completely out of the equation & you still have tons of women who experience some type of permenant change from pregnancy. Increase in shoe size. Straight hair becomes curly. Etc.

There's no definitive proof that the symptoms being complained about are a result of tubal ligation

So many women responding to this, complaining of heavy, irregular periods & hormone issues are leaving out the actual cause of those things. It's not the tubal ligation.

Most women are on some type of hormonal birth control (pill, implant, shot), all of these "regulate" your period. Once you've had a tubal, you don't start taking BC again, therefore, there's nothing regulating your period. Hormonal BC is actually a drug, that PREVENTS a women's body from functioning the way it wants to & FORCES it to function in a way that's convienant.

Something else that no one is mentioning, any pregnancy can permanently change the hormones in your body. Take BC & TL completely out of the equation & you still have tons of women who experience some type of permenant change from pregnancy. Increase in shoe size. Straight hair becomes curly. Etc.

There's no definitive proof that the symptoms being complained about are a result of tubal ligation

I am 35 yrs old, and have 4 wonderful kids. My youngest is 3 going on 4 and me and my husband decided to have a tubal. I had preeclampsia with all my children, and now high blood pressure. We knew we wanted no more kids for my sake. We both want me to be able to be here to see the four that we have grow old and have kids of their own. I love kids, but it was a decision I had to make. I had my tubal done on Feb 25, and had been waiting for my first period. It came on yesterday, no extra cramps, no extra hormones, no abnormal bleeding. In fact it might be a bit lighter 😊. I have not been on birth control since I had my last child. I can honestly say, this was a good decision, no regrets, and my sex life, so far, has been outstanding!!!! It is great to not have to use a condom with the man I love and cherish.

If you don't want more children, I mean TRULY don't want more children, a tubal ligation is safe and effective. The problem is that many women discover a few years after that they really DO want more children and attempt a reversal. While a tubal ligation can be revered it should never be considered as a temporary solution to birth control.

My experience is with a tubal at the time of a C-Section which involves major surgical recovery, however a tubal ligation is generally done laparoscopically as an outpatient and most women recovery quickly and easily.

I had my tubal ligation done almost 5 months ago. I don't think you should be able to make the decision about it during pregnancy. I was sooooo for it when I was pregnant, but I know now that it's the biggest mistake of my life. I'm not sure if I want another child one day, but I know I would love to have that option. :( We have considered a reversal, but at this point I think we are just going to suck it up and live with what I've done. :'( I've been depressed since I had my daughter and it's not getting any better..it's worse. And it's NOT all of the time..it's an off and on thing which makes me think it's because of the tubal. I also have cramping most of the month. :( It's very uncomfortable. :p And I am 2 days late for my period. So annoying. I feel "pregnancy symptoms" even though I'm not pregnant and it's driving me insane. I don't advise anyone to get this done. Seriously..if I had the choice again..I would rip those papers up and throw them in my doctors face.
And as far as recovery. I had the procedure done with my first csection(1st delivery was vaginal) so I wouldn't know the difference. PLEASE..ladies..just think about it..you may feel differently one day..it may be weeks, months, or years after you have it done, but you don't want to feel how I feel. I feel incomplete..like I'm in mourning.

I agree with a previous poster who said that a lot of the described "effects" of a tubal ligation sound like what happened to me after the birth of my daughter. My periods were out of whack, extremely heavy, crazy cramps, etc., and I don't have a medical procedure to blame for it. I found this board because I am considering tubal ligation due to repeated failed pregnancies. I have 1 healthy child and 4 failed pregnancies (the last one was twins). I have decided, at 40, that enough is enough. I don't want to tempt fate any more and continue putting my body and my emotions through the wringer. My mother had tubal ligation at 40 with absolutely no side effects. I have always had problems with hormonal birth control, and I don't want an IUD. I'm not discounting folks' experiences, but I am suspicious that all of these reported changes are due solely to the tubal ligation. I am going to continue to research the procedure before committing, and I encourage anyone considering this procedure to look beyond one board to make her decision. And, above all, make absolutely CERTAIN that you really, truly do not want any more children.

I'm a mother that my daughter is 8 years old had my toobs tied and now have no sex drive I've been with my husband for 17 years and sence my daughter I have no sex drive how and when will people believe its all about the toobs if someone reads this and can help with something to get my drive back would be greatful for some help. I'm very depressed and wouldn't let any one get this done if I could stop them .

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I had my tubes tied at 24 after my 4th child and it's been almost eight yrs now and my periods changed but differently from qhat I've read on here they went from 7 days to 3 days but other than that i haven't had any of the other symptoms and until now my periods have been regular but for some reason this month i am 10 days late and don't know why

I have been trying to get pregnant. I have had 4 miscarriages all before 10 weeks. I am just devastated. I just turned 35 and everyone keeps asking me when am I gonna have a baby. I don't know what's worse not being able to get pregnant or continued miscarriages. I am so sad and depressed. I feel so alone. No one around me has had issues in Getting pregnant. I just continue to watch everyone around me have babies. I'm so glad I came here. It feels good to know I'm not alone. God bless all of you ladies. May we all get to become mothers one day.

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I had my tubes tied in August of 2010, 2 months after my 3rd baby (finally a girl!!), and the only problem I have had is now I sometimes have cramps during my periods... I have never had cramps before my tubal ligation. Everything else is just as normal as it ever was! My periods are still the same length and have the same flow pattern....best decision I've made.

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