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Take Our Sons & Daughters to Work DAY 2011

My mom tells a fond story of me, when I was about 3.  She & my dad were looking at a map, tracing a route with a finger.  I followed in suit, picking a highway on the map and running my nub along it.  My mom asked me, "where are you going?"  I responded, "I have to go first to the store", running my finger along one road, "then I have to go work at the ah-pee-tal", running my finger in another direction.  

My mom was and still is a doctor, the breadwinner of our family.  Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be like her.  As I grew older, wanting to "be like her" really  meant wanting to be a successful working mom who mastered the balance of work and family.  

My mom took me to work all the time.  She had her own medical practice, in pediatrics (fittingly). By age ten, I got to walk patients into their rooms, measure & weigh them, record the findings, and plot them on the "growth chart".  By age 14, I was filling out insurance forms for her and earning $1 per form that I completed correctly.  This was way before HIPPA.

Now, I have three children, and I work full-time.  The kids see me attempting to juggle work and family at every moment, as I work from hom many days.  

Tomorrow is "Take our Daughters & Sons to Work Day" to show our kids that parents are working people too, but also to show our workplaces that working people are parents too.  There are many benefits of observing the Day, from modeling workplace ethic to the kids & instilling interest in different industries to recognizing that working parents should take time to mentor their children.

Do you have anything planned at your workplace for tomorrow?  Or, perhaps your child is still too young yet to participate in planned activities?  

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