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Seeking Divorce Therapist & Support Recommendations

We have had a call previously for marriage therapists, but what about divorce therapists?  Would the specialists of the former be specialists of the latter?

An urbanMama recently emailed:

My partner and I are divorcing, and I would like to find a therapist who has experience with helping divorcing/divorced women through this tremendously painful time. Would it be possible for you to post a call for suggestions in NE or SE Portland?

Also, does anyone have suggestions about support groups for divorcing/divorced women in PDX?


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I believe he has a partner in office that is a therapist. Michael Dwyer, as a mediator, is knowledgeable, caring and helpful.

Good luck to you.

Lauren MacNeill is wonderful.

I second the recommendation for Lauren MacNeill.

When parents divorce, it is the children that will be most affected. Still, therapy sessions help.

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