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It Starts Here: Multnomah County's Healthy Living Initiative

A recent report on the healthiest counties in Oregon shows Multnomah county ranking in the middle.  Not all of us are fit and mindful of our sugar intake.  The Multnomah County Health Department recently launched the “It Starts Here” Campaign for a healthy, active Multnomah County.  “We are promoting healthy eating and active living as a means to combat obesity and its many associated health consequences. You can learn more about our campaign at our website multco-itstartshere.org.”

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How does this image make you feel?  16 packets of sugar?  WOW, is that how much is in a bottle of soda?  The County is working on an outdoor advertising campaign to raise community awareness about the health burden of obesity and the effects of hidden sugar, particularly in sugary drinks like soda, sports drinks, and sugar-sweetened juices.  Care to share your input?  Click on the image <above> to complete an anonymous survey.  The county appreciates the input!

Do you or your kids drink soda?



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I drink a soda once a day. My kids drink a soda just a couple of times a month. We have healthy diet and my kids are naturally thin just as my husband and I were at that age. Moderation is the key.

16 packs of sugar? Yuck! I do not drink soda and did not growing up either.
My daughter is too young to know what it is now and hopefully won't for many more years. I find it quite disturbing when kids are allowed to drink soda and when I see young children, including babies, drinking 'fruit drink' - aka sugar water -out of their bottle...... what the hell? I honestly think a lot of people who feed their child this do not know any better. I at least hope that is the case. Awareness is key to educating those people especially and to anyone with children. Please do not give your child soda or any juice that is not 100% fruit juice. Can't they have a smoothie for their treat instead of soda? Fresh fruit is even better for them than juice.

I don't allow my kids to drink soda, and I rarely drink it myself. I also only rarely allow them to drink juice - it's just sugar water. I'd rather they have an actual piece of fruit, or just drink water. They're pretty good with that, but love to have juice at other people's houses. Moderation is the key, and not letting these be default choices.

I saw that bill board today and it made my teeth hurt. My girls are starting to develop a taste for flavored mineral water. We gave up juice a long time ago and mostly drink water or tea. I am even starting to wean them off of tea with honey by not buying more honey. They like fruit teas. Only occasionally they will get a soda.

My oldest (11) has adverse responses to too much sugar, she has learned to recognize her response and limits her own sugar intake. She learned when she was quite young how what you eat and drink can impact how you feel.

I rarely take a soda. This information should be shared to other areas. especially in Africa where this multinationals are focusing on

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